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Your Garden Made Perfect arrived on our screens

December 27, 2021


In early February 2021, the BBC’s new TV show ‘Your Garden Made Perfect’ hit our screens. During this time, the nation was sat in the middle of a third lockdown, and the healing power of nature was certainly in motion.

Over the years the industry has seen a wealth of similar garden makeover TV shows, with many perhaps poorly representing the value and design of what makes a great garden. However, Your Garden Made Perfect certainly worked to tackle this, and it was positive to see a part of the industry represented on TV in a way it hadn’t been before.

By addressing the important steps involved in the professional design of a garden, viewers were introduced to the importance of the designer to client connection, taking inspiration from the client’s home, the skill of properly analysing a space, and why heavy discussion is critical. Overall, viewers were given a more realistic representation of the value of design.

The year 2020 sparked a newfound appreciation for gardens and green spaces due to the increased time spent at home – this played a huge part in the increase of demand in the industry during the late spring and summer of 2021. So, screening just ahead of spring, Your Garden Made Perfect may have also had an influence on this spike in demand too.

In our March issue, we spoke to garden designers Helen Elks- Smith, Pip Probert, Manoj Malde, and Joel Bird, all involved in the new show. Discussing in depth what makes Your Garden Made Perfect different from other garden makeover TV shows, and how it avoids the typical pitfalls other shows fall into all too often, click here to read more about it.

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