Young South Africans are finding new ways to make extra money


Here are the top ways young people are making money for themselves. 

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Content creation: Social media has become a money-making tool for many of our youth. Young people invest their time creating exciting and innovative content online and then generating an income from it. Brands are spending thousands of Rands to collaborate with influencers to get their brand recognised.  

Forex Trading: This way of earning money is usually not the easiest, and it is time-consuming, but young people have taken to the trend. Forex Trading requires an individual to invest in stock smartly to see a return on investment. 

Art and graphic design: A skill many businesses require, many young people are selling their skills and can make a decent income. Some are employed on a full-time business to produce artwork, while others can sustain themselves on a freelance basis. 

Trading: Some people may not even know this is possible, but some youngsters have seen the gap and are taking full advantage. The art of trading, however, requires consistency to start seeing profits. An individual is doing trading via platforms such as WhatsApp, whereby you trade one item for another. One makes money by offering this service to others and charging a fee. 

Start-ups: We have seen some great start-ups coming out of the young generation. If there is one thing we can learn from the younger generation, they are not afraid to try new things. Start-ups in industries such as Tech have been shown to process a high income in the long run if capital is available. 

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