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Writer’s block, A writer’s worst nightmare | by Abika | Sep, 2021



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Don’t suffer in silence, help is on the way

Writer’s lock is indeed a writer’s worst nightmare. Even as I sit to own this article I am dealing with a minor case of writer’s block. But what was even more exhausting is that there is so much I want to write about all locked away in my brain. How do I get all my ideas out onto this blank sheet to share with the waiting world at large?

Well, that’s a tall order. There is no definitive way to bring out what’s locked away in the mind without first knowing how to access it. In the process of retrieving information, I picked up a few things. I must say this works for me and everyone have their method. Before you read how I retrieve my information leave a comment about how you deal with writer’s block.

Phrasing it like that makes it sound like rocket science, or rather, neuroscience. But I submit it’s quite simple. And the simple answer is “drum roll please!”


To access information from this extraordinary organ, you must relax the brain!

The brain is like a vault, it holds lots of information, even those you cannot seem to access voluntarily. As memories are made this information is filed away into pockets so it is kept organized.

A point to note though, when information is not received coherently then it is stored in the short-term memory bank and quickly deleted from memory. Why this happens I don’t know, but maybe it’s because the brain doesn’t know where to store it.

I started this technique after my obsession with Criminal minds became an addiction. The 1 technique they use to retrieve information is to relax the brain and stimulate the unconscious mind to retrieve locked away information. In addition, being around my brothers thought me that machinery, when stressed out, doesn’t work.

So, my conclusion was anything, living or non-living, never works at optimum if it is stressed. So to relax the brain I would:

  1. Take a nap. I know it’s funny but extremely effective.
  2. Take a walk. This gets the blood flowing and proven to increase brain function.

There is no exact time limit on how long it take for each of the activities Ilisted above. But, the brain will tell you when it’s relaxed enough to commence optimum function.


I promise you this is not a shrink thing. The subconscious memory is a part of the memory bank that is often suppressed when the conscious mind is active. This is why it requires the mind (conscious part) to be relaxed first.

Why are do I try to access this part of my brain, well it’s here the ideas I want are being stored. I know I have them but they are hiding. So I will seek them out and this is how I can do so. How do I access these memories:

  1. Brain stimulation exercises. This doesn’t stress the brain the same way, in fact, it helps in neuronal connection. And that is exactly what I want.
  2. Watching a movie I know. Movies, especially once that you know helps to trigger memories that are tucked away in the subconscious. So when it’s time to get in there this is 1 of the best ways.

Writer’s block is the worst thing that can happen to a writer trying to make a living. I suffer from this a lot, and finding a solution was long and hard. But I finally got it worked out. I discovered this 2 step process that helped tremendously.

  1. Step 1 relax the mind and keep it stress free.
  2. Gain access to your subconscious, where all your great ideas are stored.

Don’t continue to suffer from writer’s block, use my technique to continue making money.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more articles.

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