Woman welcomes ‘eBaby’ following DIY pregnancy using sperm she found online


A woman has welcomed a baby girl after finding a sperm donor by swiping through an app and artificially inseminating herself with a DIY kit.

Stephenie Taylor, 33, didn’t want another relationship, and private fertility clinics were too costly at around £1,600.

Instead, she turned to the internet.

The mother-of-two said that she found a sperm donor by swiping through potential matches on the Just A Baby app, ordered an artificial insemination kit off eBay, and watched a tutorial on how to use it on YouTube.

The Teeside woman told the Daily Star that she already had a child, Frankie (4), from a previous relationship, but she didn’t want him to be an only child.

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Hoping to avoid a relationship, she downloaded the Just A Baby app after a friend recommended it.

The parenting app allows users to filter what they’re looking for, and swipe through potential matches like dating app Tinder.

After signing up, she found her match within a day. Three weeks later in January 2020, he dropped off his sperm at her house.

It wasn’t long until she fell pregnant with her “eBaby”, testing positive just two weeks after her DIY insemination.

She said: “He was nice, warm and friendly and we had a cup of tea and chatted about the weather.”

“If I didn’t have access to all that electronically then she wouldn’t be here. But I’m over the moon to be a mum again and I’m proud of the way she came into the world.”

Taylor welcomed baby Eden in October 2020 and said it is no problem if her daughter wants to meet the “DNA contributor” once she’s a bit older.

The anonymous donor said he would be “happy to do it again if she’d like more children in the future.”

Although our parents might have told us we were found under cabbage leaves or that a mysterious stork left us in the night, there will definitely be truth to Taylor explaining to Eden that she arrived in the post!


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