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Woman defecates in Kettering family’s garden and swears when asked to clean up

September 15, 2021


A woman defecated in a Kettering family’s garden and told them to “f*** off” when they asked her to clean up.

The incident happened on Wednesday, September 8, when Robert Mead, 42, went into the communal garden to clean up ready for his two children to play in after school.

He finished at around 11am so knew the garden was “clean and tidy” at this point. The full-time carer for his disabled wife then made his way inside.

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However, a woman came to visit a male neighbour from the block of flats where they live on Albert Street.

She sat outside the main door until 11.45 am and “went to the back garden” before going to the very end of the plot.

Robert said: “We have CCTV front and back as there has been trouble with drugs around the area.

“We see her go in the garden and come back and leave the flats.

“I went to the end of the garden where she went.

“All I found there was a blue cloth that I assume she had used to wipe herself with and a pile of excrement.

“I took photos and sent them to Kettering Tow Council to explain what had happened and they said they would get someone to clean it.”

Later that evening at about 8pm, the same woman came back. Robert’s disabled partner stuck her head out the window and asked her to clean up the mess she had made.

Robert said: “Our children play outside but my partner was given a load of abuse from the woman and told to ‘f*** off before I make you’.

“Problems have been going on now for years and it is only getting worse.

“The police did not seem to not be doing anything until I fitted the CCTV and could show video footage of the offenders.

“One family have already had to move because of trouble and two other neighbours have had problems and threats from people there.

“We have begged Kettering Town Council to help us move to somewhere safer for our children but never seem to get any help.”

The mess was cleaned up by Kettering Town Council
The mess was cleaned up by Kettering Town Council

Kettering Town Council officers removed the mess two days later but the woman is still “coming and going to the flat” at all hours of day according to Robert.

He added: “We dare not say anything to her from fear of retaliation. We are starting to feel like prisoners in our own home.

“It is not the nicest thing to view and we have been told she is well known to the council and police for causing trouble.

“We are not sure if she has pooed before as we used to have a dog and may have thought it was dog poo in the past.

“We have had problems with rubbish being dumped by visitors to the flat and stuff being stolen from the garden although this has not happened since getting CCTV.

“Parcels that get left on our doorstep by Amazon go missing, we can’t prove who takes them but they never leave the flats as we check CCTV.

“We just want it to end.”

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