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Winter Shows Weight Loss In Rare Full-Body Dance Video

September 26, 2022


After dropping more than 100 pounds, Winter Everett impresses The Family Chantel viewers with her powerful dance moves to Beyoncé’s famous song.

The Family Chantel star Winter Everett has recently unveiled her post weight-loss figure in a fun dance video. Chantel Everett’s baby sister is most known for the fitness journey that she showcased on the famous 90 Day Fiancé spin-off show. As most fans may remember, Winter began focusing on herself and her health right after she dumped her long-time partner, Jah. Since then, she has lost over 100 pounds thanks to her dedication and gastric sleeve surgery. In 2022, Winter is working hard on her fitness and aims to reach her weight-loss goal soon.


While most fans have always liked Winter, they’ve lately begun to like her even more. Over the last few months, she has inspired dozens of followers through her fitness and body-positive mindset. Fans appreciate that the young reality star is candid about everything in her life and does not try to promote controversial weight-loss products like other 90 Day Fiancé stars. Winter also shares encouraging posts about self-love on her Instagram, which motivates and helps many people. Overall, she has become a true success story as she has grown after her messy breakup.

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Recently, Winter shared another body-positive video on her Instagram while embracing her newly transformed body. She danced to Beyoncé’s song in the clip, looking more energetic than ever. The 90 Day Fiancé franchise alum sported a cute pink off-shoulder crop top with blue jeans in her post as she proudly told everyone, “Love this song.” The video showed that Winter has come a long way since she began her journey on the show and looked happier than ever. She rocked her glammed-up look by wearing just the right amount of makeup that complemented her new figure.

The Family Chantel viewers have seen Winter’s full-body post after waiting quite a while. That’s why most of them were stunned to see how much she had transformed within the last few months. One fan encouraged the 90 Day Fiancé cast member and wrote, “Go off Winter. I’m so glad to see you so happy! My love, it’s over do! So go in!!” Another fan praised her vigorous dance moves and commented, “I just love your energy.” Someone else complimented Winter on moving on from Jah and added, “I’m sooooo happy to see you free from what was in the past.”

Overall, many fans cherished Winter’s dance moves and adored her new confidence. The 27-year-old reality star replied to many followers with positive responses and love. In the last year, Winter has become the epitome of an excellent body-acceptance influencer on social media. Her posts always get a positive response from people, and she always repays them with motivational content. Fans now feel that Chantel’s young sister should lead the next season of The Family Chantel and document her love life.

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