Why You Should Add Product Reviews on Shopify | by Eric Ramirez | Oct, 2021


Eric Ramirez

One of the factors that can help you sell more products on Shopify is having positive reviews. Your customers are now curious about what other customers think of the products you’re selling. Unfortunately, some people are terrified of inadequate evaluations and hence do not allow them on their products.

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Others are unaware that they can enable product reviews on their Shopify site. However, there are several strong reasons to include product reviews.

They Have an Effect on Customer Choices

The final conclusion is that product reviews have an effect on buyer perceptions. More than half of online shoppers read customer reviews before making a purchase. For these individuals, whether or not the positive evaluations exceed the negative ones determines whether or not they will purchase.

Reviews Contribute to the Success of Your Marketing Efforts

Have you heard the Hollywood axiom that negative publicity is still publicity? Whether consumers leave positive or negative evaluations on your products, you will still receive reviews, which will attract visitors. Certain businesses even seek out controversy to increase traffic.

Reviews Boost SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, reviews are some of the most effective strategies you can use to boost your results. This is because reviews contain words, and when your site has more words, it ranks higher for more keywords.

Thus, even negative evaluations can be beneficial; the more reviews you have on your products, the more significant the boost in traffic you will receive.

Reviews Illustrate You Are Genuine

Additionally, reviews demonstrate your business’s legitimacy. With all of the frauds that exist online these days, consumers are hesitant to purchase from websites they have never heard of or from which they have never made a transaction.

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To some extent, you may prevent this by utilizing trust symbols and Shopify’s own payment gateways, which reassures customers that their information is secure.

This, however, does not advise them whether or not they will receive their purchase, nor does it inform them about the type of shipping you use, the state in which the product may arrive, or your customer service experiences.


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