Why Fans Think Tammy’s Weight Loss Isn’t On Track


Tammy Slaton is on a weight loss journey on 1000-Lb Sisters, but fans think Tammy’s not getting the medical care she needs to lose weight.

Tammy Slaton has been on a life-saving journey to lose weight on 1000-Lb Sisters, but fans aren’t sold on the means by which Tammy is attempting to get her diet on track. Tammy and her sister Amy Slaton agreed to star on the TLC series so they could motivate themselves to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. Tammy has had trouble meeting the requirements for the essential operation. Here’s why fans think the 1000-Lb Sisters star still hasn’t met her goal yet.

It’s essential that Tammy qualifies for bariatric surgery, an operation that helps the body speed up weight loss, because the television personality is facing several health hazards. Tammy explained she wants to lose weight because she’s tired of getting sick as a complication of her weight. Tammy’s vulnerable health was exposed when she contracted COVID-19 last year. Tammy suffered several symptoms and relied on oxygen tubes to breathe for months after getting diagnosed with the virus. On 1000-Lb Sisters season 3, Tammy will go to a rehab facility to accelerate her long-lasting weight issues. While viewers hope this will improve Tammy’s chances of qualifying for bariatric surgery, fans don’t trust she’s in the right medical care.

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Tammy and Amy have been working to lose weight since the beginning of 1000-Lb Sisters. While Amy underwent bariatric surgery, Tammy hasn’t met the weight requirement she needs to be a candidate for the life-changing operation. Fans are happy Tammy went to get help at rehab, but viewers strongly believe it shouldn’t take this much time for Tammy to lose a significant amount of weight. According to fans on Reddit, Tammy’s doctor is to blame for the 1000-Lb Sisters star’s slow weight loss. Reddit user AdPrestigious2747 shared that they just started watching the Slaton sisters’ show. They questioned the duo’s doctor, Dr. Procter, writing, “I’m not 100% sure he takes account for how she can’t move around.” Another user argued that Tammy’s weight loss shouldn’t be that difficult and asserted, “She should be able to lose at least 50 the first month with little effort.”

Many 1000-Lb Sisters fans agree Tammy should be able to lose weight easily and think that Dr. Procter isn’t pushing the reality television star enough. Reddit user Wonderful_Hat_5269 commented, “He’s too lenient. And they should be going to counseling regularly not just a time or two.” Tammy’s fanbase echoed these statements, claiming that if Dr. Procter were more strict with Tammy, she could’ve qualified for bariatric surgery already. Of course, it’s unclear which of these Reddit users have as much medical experience as Dr. Procter (an actual doctor), but fans firmly believe that if Tammy had more one-on-ones with her doctor and he challenged her more, it wouldn’t be that difficult for Tammy to lose weight. Some Reddit users even shared their own weight loss stories for comparison, like TheBigFlowPodcast, who wrote, “When I had my surgery… I lost 28lbs in 2 weeks.”

While some have put the blame on Tammy for not reaching her weight loss goals, Reddit users think Dr. Procter bears the bulk of the responsibility. Tammy’s online fanbase agrees it isn’t impossible for Tammy to lose weight and her doctor isn’t holding her to a high enough standard. Hopefully, Dr. Procter will meet fans’ exceedingly high expectations on 1000-Lb Sisters season 3.

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