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Where To Stream Noragami Season 1 Online? Is It On Netflix?


The anime TV series, Noragami season one had made its original television premiere in 2014. Kotaro Tamura had helmed the anime series, and the plot was scripted by Deko Akao. Produced by the studio Bones, the series adapts the manga by Adachitoka, bearing the same name.

The series consists of 12 episodes and two additional episodes. It follows the lead character Hiyori Iki, who gets in an accident when she tries to save a young lad. This leads her to experience her soul slipping in and out of her body, causing her to exist in two parallel worlds. If you want to know about its streaming details, keep reading.

Is Noragami Available on Netflix?

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Hiyori and Yato’s endeavours have been cherished by anime fans worldwide for a long. As Hiyori fights against supernatural powers alongside a broke God, Noragami is a classic 2014 fantasy anime series. Now, if you plan on watching or rather re-watching it, you are probably wondering about its streaming details.

While Netflix harbours various popular anime series, it does not yet have acquired the streaming rights for Noragami. Hence, you need to head to other streaming platforms which are distributing it.

Where Can You Watch Noragami?

While Noragami is not on Netflix, there are other popular channels that give you access to stream it. Available with both English dubbing and Japanese subbing, Funimation and Hulu have access to this streaming title. You can get the appropriate subscriptions to the channels to watch it at your convenience.

It will allow you to watch both the first and second seasons of the series. However, it does not enable you to premiere the OVAs. But you can find the OVAs easily by heading on to YouTube.

How Many Episodes Are There In Season 1?

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Season one of Noragami has 12 episodes. It also has two additional OVA. The series had made its original run from January 5, 2014, to March 23, 2014. The episodes used to premiere on the cable network TVA, BS11, MBS, and Tokyo MX. This action urban fantasy supernatural series is written by Adachitoka. NoragamiAragoto, the second season for this anime had aired between October 2, 2015, and December 25, 2015.

What Is The Series About?

The compelling characters design, interesting premise, and beautiful visuals combine to make Noragami one of the most popularly watched anime TV series. Noragami: Stray God features the homeless god, Yato, who has neither a shrine nor worshippers.

However, he is not ready to drop his ambitious plans and wants to raise enough money to build himself a shrine. He does not have the means and circumstances to be picky and accepts every kind of job to make money.

When protecting a stranger from a bus accident, Hiyori meets with an accident that causes her soul to leave in and out of her body. With the help of her soul, she meets with Yato. Yato acquiesces to fix her soul. Yako, Yukine, and Hiyori form a trio and experience adventures together in the series as they walk through their past and identities.

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