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Working from home was formerly considered a pipe dream. However, there has always been some form of “working from home” throughout history. Of course, technological improvements have made it possible to work from home with ease nowadays.

In a pandemic where you can’t leave your house, work from home requirements have become a must. You may have worked from home in the past because you couldn’t afford daycare, you have a medical problem, or you’re introverted and prefer to stay at home. However, due to Covid-19, you are now following stay-at-home orders.

Whatever your motive for working from home, there are a variety of ways to earn money, including the following 10 ideas.

Is it true that taking online surveys might make you wealthy? Nope. The pay ranges from $0.50 to $3 per survey in most situations, but it’s a quick way to earn some extra cash, usually in the form of points that can be redeemed for gift cards, whenever you have some spare time.

Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollar are three of the most well-known sites. Look into American Consumer Opinion and Opinion Outpost as well.

Participating in online focus groups or product testing at home can help you earn a little extra cash. Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn a couple of hundred dollars per month. User Interviews, FocusGroup.com, and Respondent.io are all good places to start.

You can usually earn $5 to $20 per hour by testing websites. There is, nevertheless, the prospect of earning up to $60 per hour. The best part? This does not necessitate any extensive technical knowledge. You’re being compensated for your input on a website’s design, operation, and layout.

This side gig can be found on UserTesting, Enroll, TestingTime, and other sites.

Again, this is not going to make you a millionaire. However, it is most likely the least time-consuming way to earn money. After all, you only need to download a few apps to your phone. That is all there is to it.

With that in mind, here are some money-making applications to consider:

Wikibuy. You may make money in two ways with this app: you can get rewards when you shop and it will find the greatest deals for you.
ScreenLift. You can earn points or “Lifts” as long as this Android app is your home screen.
Robinhood. A micro-investment tool that allows you to start investing with as little as $1.

Rakuten. This program, which was previously known as eBates, allows you to earn cashback when you shop.

Slidejoy. Make use of your lock screen to get cash-like prizes.

Sweatcoin. You can literally get rewards just by walking around.

Fronto. Another lock screen app where you can swap points for gift cards from Amazon, Google Play, Target, Walmart, iTunes, or PayPal.

Drop. You may use your points to shop and redeem them at businesses like Amazon or Netflix.
Foap. You might be able to see brands if you’re continually shooting images on your smartphone.
Ibotta. You’ll get $20 just for utilizing this popular cashback app.

Since you’re not going anywhere, you might as well go Marie Kondo on things you don’t need. Sure. Some of your possessions may need to be discarded or donated. You can, however, sell your favorite belongings.

These things can be listed on popular markets including eBay, Craigslist, LetGo, and Facebook Marketplace. You might also go to a specific website, such as:

For your old electronics, declutter or Gazelle.

If you have gently used clothing, try Poshmark or thredUp.

Bookscouter is a search engine for books that have been accumulating dust.

Don’t want to give up your belongings? There is no need to be concerned. Renting them out is still a viable option. Here are several examples:

Instead of driving for Uber or Lyft, you can use HyreCar or Turo to hire out your car.

If you have a bike you’d like to rent out, post it on Spinlister. You should also be able to include snowboards and surfboards in your inventory.

If you have fashionable stuff in your closet, Style Lend.

If you don’t mind having guests crash at your property, Airbnb is a good option.

For just much anything else you want to rent out, go to Fat Llama or Loanables.

Do you have a gift card that you don’t want or use? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Instead, use sites like CardCash to sell them online. You can get up to 92 percent back in cash or trade it in for extra.

Check to see if you can sell your food packets on sites like eBay before throwing them away or recycling them. Of course, this does not imply that you should sell your waste. People would wish to buy General Mills Boxtops for Education, for example, because they can be redeemed.

This is a fair caution. You won’t be able to make money right away. However, if you consistently produce high-quality content, you can earn a career from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, before you go, you’ll need to figure out what insights you’d like to give. This should ideally be a region that you’re familiar with and that is unique. You’ll also need to spend money on a name, hosting, and promotion.

You’ll start making money from your blog, YouTube channel, or podcast once you’ve built up a following. You’ll be able to do this with the help of advertisements and affiliates. You might also wish to share your own merchandise if you’re extremely clever.

Having your own eCommerce store is a tried and true technique to make money from home. It’s never been easier to create, administer, and market your business thanks to options like Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce.

However, just with blogging, you’ll need to put in some effort up front and be patient. You’ll need to figure out what you’re going to sell and how you’re going to publicize your internet store.

Do you enjoy baking, making candles, refinishing furniture, or creating artwork? If that’s the case, why not earn money doing something you already enjoy? Simply list your handcrafted things on sites such as Etsy. Even better, this is a great method to earn money while you sleep.

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