What Is CPAGRIP?. CPAGrip is an industry leader in the… | by Abdul Gafaru Banks | Sep, 2021


  • Payments by Paypal, ACH Direct Deposit, Wire, and Payoneer.
  • Top converting industry wide offers.
  • Exclusive tools
  • Advanced Content Unlocking Engine optimized for mobile.
  • Knowledgeable support managers.
  • Industry cutting edge tracking.
  • Up to the minute performance reports.

…and much more!

Publishers can truly maximize their earnings with our tools and advertisers can rest assured knowing that they are working with some of the best publishers the industry has to offer.

This is the only CPA network that came out clean and trustworthy on my researches!


How to earn money from Content Locking? Do you know you can earn minimum of $1 to $5 from a survey completion from user. It usually takes 30 second for user to complete a survey and unlock the content. So if 10 users completes the CPL survey you earn something between $10 to $20

A Content Lockers is a pop-up that cannot be closed unless a user performs a desired action on your website. It’s used to lock Premium Articles, Specific Features, eBooks, Guides and almost anything else.

⦁ The platform is very simple and easy to navigate.
⦁ It provides numerous high-paying CPA offers for the publishers to promote.
⦁ It has a chat feature on the members’ dashboard for members to interact with others.
⦁ The site is legit and has been well-established for quite a long time (since 2013).
⦁ It offers fast payouts through different payment methods.
⦁ Payouts are made on a NET30-basis.
⦁ It gives detailed and organized statistics charts to help you monitor clicks, views, leads, and their matching sources.

The Cons

⦁ The site’s owner is unknown since the site was registered privately.
⦁ It requires broad knowledge since CPA isn’t for ordinary people who don’t know what they’re doing.
⦁ You can encounter bad leads, and these calls for reversals.

Payment Options Supported by:

With CPAgrip you can recive your payments via PayPal. PayPal is one of the first payment methods that made it possible to transact online. PayPal was launched in 1998 and quickly grew to one of the most used payment methods online. Today, Paypal is used by 180 million people and operates in 202 countries with 22 different currencies across the globe. With only an email, you can register for a free account to send and receive money internationally. You can also attach your credit card to your account so that you can send money back and forth from your bank and PayPal account.

With CPAgrip you can recive your payments via Payoneer. Payoneer is an online payment method for cross-border transactions.

With CPAgrip you can recive your payments via Payza.

Bank Transfer
With CPAgrip you can recive your payments via Bank Transfer.

Western Union
With CPAgrip you can recive your payments via Western Union. The Western Union Company worldwide financial services and communications company based in America. With Western Union you can transfer money domestically and internationally to over 200 countries and territories around the world. Allowing for transfers to bank account or cash pickup at over 500,000 agent locations worldwide.

With CPAgrip you can recive your payments via Cheque. A cheque, or check, is a document that order banks to pay out the specified money to your bank account. The cheque will be issued to you via physical mail, and arrive at your door. You will then have to take it to your local bank to clear it to receive your money.

If you want to act as a publisher to promote CPA offers, then CPAGrip is one of the best places to do it.

You will have access to high quality CPA offers.

And you will always receive your money on time for the work you have done.

Join this great CPA network!

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