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What Advertising Goals Does Bing Actually Offer for Your Business? | by Eric Ramirez | Dec, 2021


Eric Ramirez

There are numerous strategies for bringing customers through your doors. Web advertising has made this far more adaptable than ever before. The ultimate goal of every advertising campaign is to increase client acquisition and maintain their interest in our firm over time.

Bing provides a plethora of choices for doing so via their Bing Ads platform, so let’s have a look at a few of them.

Your website might be just as vital to your organization as your actual location. In some cases, it may be even more critical, as this is where the majority of your clients will come from.

Do you believe would be as large as today if it consisted solely of distribution warehouses? Not even remotely close! That is why growing your website traffic is a primary objective of Bing Ads advertising. Increased internet traffic increases your chances of getting a client, generating a sale, or closing a contract.

This advertising objective will enable you to:

By increasing your keyword bids, you can improve your ads’ position and make it easier for customers to find your offers.

Extend your reach by expanding your geotargeting parameters to include a larger market.

Keep abreast of new search phrases.

Extend advertisements to partner websites

Visits to my place of business

While your online presence is critical, you also want to optimize in-store visitation to increase sales, primarily if you operate a location-based business, such as a restaurant or bakery.

Bing Ads enables you to successfully market your physical company location by increasing its appearance in the most relevant searches.

You can attract customers by giving links to your address and directions in your adverts.

You can target local customers by directing your advertising to individuals who live close to your business. This can be accomplished by targeting a highly targeted audience within a certain distance, city, zip code, or radius!

My website’s conversions

While it is true that the primary objective of your advertising campaign is to increase revenue for you and your organization, if you truly want to convert individuals who click on your ads to your website into genuine customers, you need them to act immediately. Bing Ads can assist you in growing consumer conversions through the usage of a campaign.

Conversions on your website are a metric that indicates the effectiveness of your advertising activities.

Conversions on your website might assist you in determining what your clients truly desire.

You’ll be able to track website conversions based on client behaviors such as signing up for newsletters, logging in to a service, and making purchases.

Telephone calls to my establishment

Increasing phone calls to your organization is a long-term objective that will enable you to close more deals and increase income. However, in some circumstances, email customer service cannot compete with a good old-fashioned phone call, which is why it is critical for you to discover how to increase phone calls to your firm.

Bing Ads now allows you to include a clickable phone number in your advertisements, ideal for persuading smartphone users to call you with a single tap on their phone screens!

Your advertising’s strong calls to action will instill a sense of urgency in your clients, which will encourage them to contact you first.

You can simply follow call forwarding information using the “Reports” page.

You can increase your bids during business hours to ensure that your advertisements are served to those who are actively engaged in work!

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