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Weight loss story: “I shed 50 kilos by eating poha, sprouts and drinking black coffee”


Ambuj Saxena had struggled with obesity for a long time. When he was young, he battled several health conditions, which were often linked to his weight gain. As he grew up, he experienced breathing issues, struggled with finding the right clothes for himself and of course, disliked the way he looked. It was when he noticed his “extra paunch” in a picture that he decided to do something about it and lose weight. He has lost 50 kilos since then. Here’s a look at his massive weight loss journey:

Weight loss story: “I followed 16:8 intermittent fasting and lost 50 kilos”

Name: Ambuj Saxena

Occupation: Brand marketer

Age: 26 Years

Height: 5 feet 6.5 inches

City: Gurugram

Highest weight recorded: 125 kg

Weight lost: 50 kg

The duration took me to lose weight: 8 Months

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