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Weight loss: Signs you are losing muscles instead of fat

September 28, 2021


Healthy weight loss means losing extra fat from the body and building muscle mass. Replacing fat with lean muscle can make you look more toned, strong and healthy. But the journey to shed kilos is far more complex than just eating clean and exercises. While juggling with these two factors, which are believed to burn fat, most people start losing muscle mass. That is not a great thing and can lead to health-related complications in the long term.

Our body does not lose muscle mass in the first place if we follow the methods to shed kilos correctly. Only when we follow a crash diet and exercise incorrectly, our body starts losing muscle mass. However, it is not difficult to say if you are losing fat or muscle mass. Once you identify the signs, you can easily make changes in your diet for effective weight loss. Here are some signs that you are losing muscle mass instead of fat.

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