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Weight Loss: Make This Quick And Healthy Oats Salad In Just 10 Minutes

September 14, 2021


Let’s admit – weight loss can be a challenging task. It needs time, perseverance and dedication. And a greater challenge than that is dieting. Cutting out on sugary, salty and all the yummy foods can be a real struggle for many of us. Once the diet starts, we might have to say goodbye to our all-time favourite snacks. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up on everything that is delicious. Instead, we explore new recipes that strike the right balance between health and taste. One such yummy recipe that makes for a perfect weight loss meal is oats salad.

Health Benefits Of Oats

The very thought of oats reminds us of everything healthy and wholesome. It is high in fibre and other vital nutrients and is surprisingly light on the stomach. It also provides several health benefits, including maintaining a healthy heart, controlling blood pressure, managing diabetes and more. And of course, oats help shed those extra kilos.

That’s not all. A handful of oats is equally versatile and can make for a quick meal on a busy weekday. One such dish surely is this delicious salad that can be prepared in just 10 minutes. The oats salad recipe is shared by Food Vlogger Jyoti Dalmia on her YouTube channel “Magic in my food.” Let’s find out the recipe.


Here Is The Recipe For Oats Salad | High-Protein Oats Salad Recipe:

In a bowl, first add boiled oats, dried unsweetened cranberries, boiled carrots, capsicum. Next, add black pepper powder, salt, fresh herbs/oregano, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil. Now mix this well and serve! The recipe is as simple and uncomplicated as it sounds.

Watch the complete recipe of oats salad here:

Try it today and let us know how you liked it.

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