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Weight loss: Lorraine Kelly shares changes to diet and lifestyle

September 23, 2021


Lorraine Kelly, 61, has opened up about her weight loss in the past, revealing she has dropped two dress sizes without following a diet. Instead, the presenter made slight changes to her diet but was still able to eat the foods she loves.

The same goes for following an exercise regime or doing sports – they must be your preferred activities.

Lorraine said: “I think it’s all about taking things at our own pace.

“We are all far more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan if we have proper tasty food, and won’t drop out of an exercise routine if it’s good fun.”

Although Lorraine eats what she likes, her diet is filled with plenty of healthy foods.

For breakfast, she usually opts for porridge with honey, nuts, raisings, or berries.

However, on Sunday, she prefers something a little more elaborate, shared with her husband.

She told Asda Good Living: “Sunday breakfast is his [her husband’s] ‘special’ – a tower of a potato scone with bacon and black pudding and a poached egg on top.”

As for lunch, Lorraine shared with Hello! that she enjoys making “a big pot of spicy vegetable soup at the beginning of the week that I can heat up quickly for lunch”.

The presenter also enjoys curries and seafood, saying: “Steve [her husband] makes a really good hot beef rendang.

“Singapore chilli crab is another favourite.”

Although Lorraine doesn’t believe in diets, telling The Sun “I have learned the hard way that daft diets will ultimately make you fat”, she revealed that she has cut snacking out of her diet.

The presenter said: “I will continue to have a normal dinner at night, but I’m cutting out the snacks and the 7pm cup of tea with a big plate of treats.”

She added: “I do tend to eat sensibly during the week but I certainly don’t exist on sticks of celery, because I’d be miserable.”

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