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Weight loss: Gregg Wallace shares fitness regime after 4st transformation

December 14, 2021


Gregg Wallace is a TV presenter best known for fronting shows including Masterchef and Inside the Factory. He has notably had a weight loss transformation and opened up on his fitness plan.

The moves included pull-ups, chest press, rows, press ups and lunges.

Pull up/chin ups

Danny stated: “This is going to be a chin up so it’s engaging your upper back, squeezing the glutes, keep the abs tight and pull the chest to the bar.”

Chest press

Danny offered advice on doing the move. He added: “[Do] three seconds down and one second up.


“It’s important that you squeeze your lats and dig into the bench as you push up.

“The harder you can push down with your back muscles, the more power you get in your chest.”

Press ups

“We’re going to do a tricep press up.” the PT explained.

“So keeping your elbows in by your side and in line with your chest.

“Squeeze the glutes, think of it as a whole body exercise and go down in three seconds, engage triceps at the bottom, push up and squeeze them at the top.”

Gregg and Danny continued to workout with rows and backwards lunges.

While gym workouts are clearly a staple in Gregg’s life, he is also a fan of more gentle workouts.

Speaking to, he previously explained the benefits of walking.

Discussing staying active on holiday, he said: “Let me tell you, if you walk a lot, you burn off the calories.”

Gregg is sure to match workouts with a healthy diet plan.

However, the presenter explained walking can burn extra calories which means more room for treats, especially when on holiday.

“If you’re walking around all day, you can afford to be a little bit naughty,” he added.

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