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Weight loss: Can eating too much protein lead to weight gain? Find out

September 18, 2021


Besides carbs and fat, protein is also a macronutrient. It is made up of chemical components known as amino acids, which are important for muscle development and strength.

When it comes to losing weight, eating a high-protein diet helps prevent overeating. Given that protein-rich foods boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and influences several weight-regulating hormones, it is said to work wonders for weight loss. Foods such as eggs, dairy, meat, fish, poultry, beans, legumes and more are some of the best protein you can have.

However, it may mean replacing carb and fat-rich foods, which are also part of the macronutrients. While it is believed to help you lose weight, there’s also a possibility that excess protein intake is secretly making you gain weight. Here’s how.

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