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Ways to Earn Money Online!. Financial resources and markets have… | by info seven | Sep, 2021


info seven

Today, the internet has taken over the human population! Whether we like it or not, as predicted decades earlier, it has become a necessary evil — you cannot do with it or without it! The pandemic outbreak has popularised the concepts of remote working, social distancing, and lockdowns! Thanks to the coronavirus, many people who were fruitfully employed have had to face layoffs! Needless to say, savings have been hit!

Financial resources and markets have been compromised. Also, people have too much time in their hands now, without a full-time job of physically traveling to and from work! Consequently, it leaves little choice but to spend more time on the internet! With our lives being divided into two parts, i.e; pre-Covid and post-Covid; no wonder, everyone wants to make money online from the time they spent on the internet.

The youth has been affected the most. Due to the closure of colleges and institutions, their chances of internships have been put on a hold or cancelled. Also, added to that are the woes of no pocket money! Hence, they have stormed the internet to earn a few bucks!

The next obvious question is

How to make money online?

1. Freelance work

Got a passion to write unique? Feed it with time, intelligence and efforts, and make money out of it! Indian and International websites like Chegg India, Upwork, Freelance India offer to hire freelancers for content writing and copyrights projects across various domains at a pre-decided bid price! Whether it is video editing, academic solutions, or marketing, all skills find a place here. And the best part is, you can decide on the timeline and the number of hours you can devote and then offer the price accordingly. The payments are secured through Payment getaways like Paypal, Razorpay, etc. What makes freelancing a suitable option is, your work will be recognized and Paid directly without any middleman or organization interfering in between! So, if you got skills then make as much money as you want, online!

2. Instagram influencer

Instagram is the newest addition to social media. Although it existed for quite a while, it has seen a recent boom over an old couple of years only! With features like Story, Reels, mentions, etc, people who are into something specific like gaming, fashion, photography, can INFLUENCE people to follow their passions — just like them! Influence as it means — to influence! So influencers on Instagram get paid sponsorship from brands and companies to influence people to shop a certain product or understand certain services through sponsored posts, product reviews, brand promotion, selling photos, affiliate marketing, and selling one’s products. All you need is a professional Instagram account and an engaging presence to influence people! The more the number of loyal, engaging followers you get, the more money you can earn.

3. Become a Blogger/Vlogger

Blogging and Vlogging have turned into a lucrative option for making money online. Blogging about a certain topic, product, niche of your interest, you can engage an audience and increase the organic traffic of readers and the brands. You can make money easily just by running ads from the Google Adsense on your blog, or Vlog or Youtube Channel or you can also do product reviews, guest posts in others’ blogs, or product sales on your blog.) Platforms that let you blog include — Medium, Squarespace, However, for a greater reach and a more professional tone, and more money, it is advisable to invest in a self-hosted blog backed by

4. Opt for Affiliate Marketing with Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is this amazing affiliate marketing program that allows you to create links on your blog or website and earn referral fees when visitors click on and buy products. Not only is it easy to join but is it as easy to use as well. All you need to do is make your account on the www. Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program developed by Amazon, that lets you earn a commission of 10% and make money online for linking the display of banners, widgets of Amazon Ads when customers click to buy products from Amazon. You need to provide a list of websites and Apps. You can add a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 50 apps or websites and earn a 10% commission as per the affiliate fee.

5. Take Online surveys

Why waste your time on the internet when you can make money out of it? One of the easiest ways to earn money is through filling out online surveys, watching videos, and shopping on Swagbucks, ValuedOpinions, OpinionBureau, Streetbees (app), etc. Each site has a capping on eh the number of surveys you can attempt in a month! You can redeem the rewards as you wish.

6. Online tutoring

If teaching is your forte, then online tutoring is your perfect choice for making money online. Whether it is through online video lectures, or recorded lectures, or working up with 3rd party clients like Vedantu, Byjus, etc as experts, it is a very easy and viable option! With platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype offering multiple connectivities for a whole classroom, it has become very easy! All you need is to just have a webcam and good knowledge of the subject. In case you want to make the classes more innovative and tech-savvy, feel free to use a pen tablet or a writing board. You can create your channel also on YouTube and put your ore recorded lectures in it. So, what are you waiting for? Use your subject matter expertise to make easy money online!

7. Narration through Podcasts

In the recent trend of things, people do not have time to read a book, so they listen to it. Especially while traveling is like a companion for the journey! So, if you have good communication skills, reading skills, and like the art of storytelling, then earn through narration on podcasts. Platforms like Google Podcast, Anchor, Spotify, etc, just need you to sign up and share your sample work, and then you are on a roll! You can make money online with the magic of your with your voice — that the magic of the internet!

8. Stock photography

Passionate about clicking pics? Why not make money out of it online? Simply click, and then sign up and upload your images on the stock photography sites like Shutterstock, Photoshelter, and Getty Images. You can click on my subject of your choice, and you will be paid when your images are bought by magazine editors or designers when they buy them! Use the true power of your lens.

9. Upload Videos on different platforms.

The Internet has been taken by storm in recent years. Everything has shifted to virtual learning- especially after the pandemic. People prefer to search and look up videos on the internet than even refer to a manual. Hence, creating and uploading the how-to video is a new way to make money online. You can get to know the trending topics in videos, from the keywords that appear in the drop-down menu on the search bar on the YouTube platform. You can create your videos using the same keywords and tags and make money, followers and fame.

10. Drop-shipping

Drop-shipping is when you do not have to physically store the product in a warehouse. You can simply procure it from a third party and ship it directly to the customer, once he has placed the order. So, you never have to make big investments to buy products in bulk. Shopify is an exemplary platform that exhibits drop-shipping. All you need to do is register and create an account and start your work and make fast money, online!

11. Type for Cash

If you can type fast with absolute accuracy, then you can make a good amount of money online through transcription jobs. Depending on the length of the audio files, the payment is usually per hour of the studio and how fast can you type. Companies like hire freelance transcribers.

12. Alternative Options

• You can also create your course and provide the content in pdf format and sell it online or you can make money online by selling it to other companies and get paid through royalty!

• You can also write e-books, with tips from kindle or you can take the publishing rights from an author by paying him a one-time settlement or royalty on net sales and publish the book online.

• You can sell second-hand books online.

• You can earn make easy money online by becoming a translator or for foreign languages like French, German, or in other countries, you can simply translate into English! Welocalize is one such platform that offers a good translator opportunity to make money online, remotely.

So with so many options to make money online, what are you waiting for? Just find your passion and start making money online! Making money online was never so easy as it is now! So grab this opportunity and make lots of money — online!

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