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VedaOils Launches DIY Kits for Natural Beauty Enthusiasts


NEW DELHI, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Consumers are increasingly growing conscious of the ingredients they use in their self-care regimes. However, the market continues to be proliferated by chemical-heavy products. This growing awareness amongst consumers has led to a growing segment in the personal care space- DIY kits are becoming the first choice for several conscious consumers. Discerning customers are bound to do a lot of research before making the decision about which company to select. VedaOils is one of the leading brands in essential oils, which has been known for the last three years.

They recently launched DIY Soap Making Kits, which can be personalised as per the customer’s preferences, making it a great gifting idea. For those passionate about holistic beauty, DIY kits are the next best thing, bringing together organic ingredients, creativity and personalisation.

In their soap-making kits, VedaOils offer options like Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Goat Milk variations. Each kit comes with two carrier oils, two essential oils, a soap base, and pigments/dried flowers for one to personalise the soaps as per the preferences.

Being vegan-friendly and chemical-free, they make the perfect option for those who want to incorporate clean beauty into their regimes and make the process of personalizing the soaps convenient.

The brand also offers DIY Make-Your-Own-Candle kits. This Candle Making Kit comes with beeswax pellets, wicks, and fragrance oils. For decoration options, the kits come with glass jars, jute, two options of coloured pigments and decoration tags. All these trimmings allows one to personalise these candles as gifts, or for events as well. Not all ingredients used in ready-made candles are good, few are even toxic. By making candles, one can be assured of the ingredients used.

Since aromatherapy is proven to change moods, one can adjust the different fragrance oils to suit one’s preferences. Choose from calming lavender, or zesty lemon, or one of the other options available to uplift one’s mood the way one prefers. VedaOils even offers an oceanic scent, to remind of past holidays. They are a great way to express creativity while making personalised gifts for loved ones and are also a great option as party favours for kids and adults alike.

VedaOils is also a trusted name for those interested in purchasing essential oils for various needs. With the highest levels of quality, their oils can be used for baking, perfumes, home remedies and more. Several businesses and hobbyists source their ingredients directly from the brand.

About VedaOils:

VedaOils, and their parent company Bo International, have been in the essential oil industry since 2013. In the last three years, they have maintained their passion for holistic beauty. The brand has always focused on creating goods specifically designed to suit Indian lifestyles.

Their primary focus is on researching their 1500 custom formulations to create products that are scientifically proven to match their claims. The founder Aayush Gupta’s vision is to keep creating products that customers love to use and gain benefits from. Since the company has their manufacturing unit, it can stay aligned with its goals of producing chemical-free goods, and incorporating natural ingredients into people’s lifestyles.

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