Tiffany Franco’s 2022 Photos After 80-Pound Weight Loss


90 Day Fiancé star Tiffany Franco’s weight loss after her gastric sleeve surgery is really impressing fans. Here’s a look at her best “after” pics.

Tiffany Franco of 90 Day Fiancé fame got weight loss surgery in June 2021, and almost a year later, in May, the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star revealed that she’d lost about 80 pounds. Tiffany and her friend had traveled to South Africa, where she met her husband Ronald Smith for the first time. Tiffany and Ronald were in a long-distance relationship before they got married in October 2018. They welcomed baby daughter Carley in July 2019. Ronald also played a paternal role with Tiffany’s son from a previous relationship, Daniel. However, the couple faced difficulties in their marriage due to Ronald’s troubled past.


Since then, 90 Day Fiancé fans have watched Tiffany and Ronald break up several times. In November 2021, he even went Instagram official with a new woman, Lauren. While Tiffany and Ronald are seemingly together now, he didn’t support her getting the gastric sleeve surgery. Ronald said that he liked Tiffany the way she was, and wanted her to put in some work to slim down, instead of getting instant results. However, Tiffany’s explanation was that the surgery wouldn’t solve all her weight loss issues, since she would have to develop healthier eating habits regardless.

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Tiffany had already begun taking baby steps towards her weight loss goals by starting a 30-day detox in February 2020. She started to get on track with her fitness and wellness goals, and in June, Tiffany gave hints that she was going to get bariatric surgery. TLC star Tiffany confirmed the rumors by going on an Instagram LIVE. During that event, the reality icon revealed that her stomach capacity had been reduced by 70 percent. “I did it for my health and happiness,” said Tiffany, who didn’t really mind being curvier, since she was always happy with her looks.

Tiffany Reveals Weight Loss Surgery Results

Over the next few months, Tiffany shed some unwanted pounds, and she was committed to keeping her Instagram fans up to date on her progress. By June, she had managed to lose over 40 pounds. Four months later, in October, she was down by 50 pounds. By March, Tiffany admitted to losing a whopping 70 pounds. Tiffany showed off her slimmer figure in her signature cold shoulder-style dress in this picture from March 16. “Always beautiful- now healthier!” wrote a fan on Tiffany’s post. Someone else added, “Congratulations on your weight loss..main thing is that u r happy.

Tiffany’s Gets Praised For Revenge Body

Fans are aware that losing weight solely for the sake of her health has brought her happiness. However, many also think that Tiffany lost weight to get a revenge body, perhaps hoping that Ronald would come back to her. In April, Tiffany shared a cuddly photo with Ronald on her IG stories, and the divorce talk become a thing of the past. Ronald’s English girlfriend is out of the picture, and 90 Day Fiancé cast member Tiffany has been beaming in all of her photos. This post by Tiffany, from the same month, received over 32,515 likes. Fans called her a “HOTTER mommy” as they told her that she was “Beautiful before and even more now.”

Tiffany Used To Weigh Almost 300 Pounds

By May, Tiffany had confessed that she was 80 pounds lighter. “Body update this is me at 219 LBS 5’7,” Tiffany shared in her caption. With her new hairstyle framing her slimmer face in the cutest way, Tiffany smiled for her fans. She did a little twirl to show how different her body looks now. She wore a stretchy red top with skinny jeans. Tiffany used to weigh almost 300 pounds. Now, she weighs almost 219 pounds, which validates the 90 Day Fiancé celeb’s dedication to getting fit. 2022 seems like it’s going well for Tiffany, in terms of her married life and her image.

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