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These are the winning images from the 2021 Dog Photography Awards


This year’s Dog Photography Awards faced some stiff competition with so many beautiful, inspiring and generally cute furry entries. The award is split into 3 categories: landscape, action and studio. So take a moment in your day to ‘paws’, and look at the winning images.


First place was awarded to Franca Lombardo from Switzerland for her super sweet portrait of Kairo the pug puppy in a vintage set of weighing scales.

Second prize in the studio section was awarded to Dutch photographer Patrick Reymer for his beautiful and unusual portrait of his late beagle who was nicknamed Don Corleone for his commanding presence! I especially love the fact that he’s sitting beneath another beagle portrait.

Third placement to this marvellously hairy portrait ofan Afghan Hound by Marcus Almeida from Brazil. The dog looks as though it could be advertising a hair shampoo as it flicks back its gorgeous mane of hair.


Leaping into first place in the action category is Chiara Hofmayer from Germany with her beautiful image of her Border Collie during training.

2nd place was awarded to Michelle Dawkins (USA) for her image of her collie chasing a frisbee into a freezing lake.

And the final jumping dog trick , thrid place, was awarded to Jess Bell from Canada for this quite remarkable image. Was the dog trying to catch a fish you wonder?

Portrait and landscape:

Janine Ulbrich from Germany won first place in this category with this engaging shot of woman’s best friend on a misty lake.

Second place goes to Heike Willers from Germany for this contemplative image of her dog when she managed to photograph him in a rare quiet moment wile he watched a bird flying.

And finally third place was awarded to Izabela Lyson from Poland for this incredible scenery shot in Norway during a hiking trip with her dog.

The entire gallery of shortlisted images is available to view on the Dog Photography Award website.

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