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The ultimate guide to the best side jobs and gig work


Thinking about making some extra money with a side job in the gig economy? There are a lot of options out there — but some of them are more legitimate (and lucrative!) than others. Before you start your side hustle, you want to make sure you’ll actually make some money. Kathy Kristof, the creator of job review site, writes for the L.A. Times about the best and worst of the side jobs, freelance gigs and ways to make a little extra cash.

She has reviewed gigs from driving for ridesharing apps and food delivery services to online tutoring and web development to selling and renting the stuff you already own. She also reviews options tailored to busy parents, teenagers and college students, remote workers, people who need some quick cash, retirees, and more.

Also: The red flags and scams you need to be aware of before you risk your time and sanity on a side job.

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