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The TRUE Cost of Drinking. Hey AINYF Community, | by Ken M. Middleton | AINYF…Alcohol is NOT Your Friend | Dec, 2021


Ken M. Middleton

Hey AINYF Community,

As that seemingly all-consuming time of Christmas roles around and some people are stressing about their financial situations to be able to buy all the presents they desire for their loved ones, we talk this week in AINYF about the subtle cost of drinking that many people just don’t factor in when they think about quitting.

It’s titled How Much Money Could you REALLY Save from Not Drinking Alcohol? and talks about the three ways that someone can look at it to truly understand how much of a gamechanger it can be in the long run for someone’s financial well being.

Please check it out, along with all of the latest great content from all the great writers at AINYF from readers just like you.

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