The Sunk Cost Fallacy — Here to Where, Weekbook #2 | by Peter Lawson | Oct, 2022


Photo by Mathieu Stern on Unsplash
  • On controlling outcomes: “When it comes to our time, we should stop worrying about the outcomes we can’t control and instead focus on the inputs that we can.”
  • On being focused: “It’s fine to watch a video, scroll social media, day dream or take a nap, as long as that is what you planned on doing… if you’re not spending your time on what you planned on (committed to) doing, then you’re off-track.”
  • On our life domains: “Our life has three domains — ourselves, relationships and work. Whilst it may seem selfish to put ourselves first, it is important to remember that unless you look after yourself both phsycially and mentally, both of the other domains will suffer.”


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