The Last Question. Randy didn’t just come across town to… | by Joe Jacobi | Oct, 2021


In a moment of self-reflection, it is not easy to imagine the journey and trajectory of Sunday Morning Joe.

This started seven years ago — and just two days following my final day of employment as the Chief Executive Officer of an Olympic and Paralympic sport organization.

From that first post — which was sent to and read by five people — I quickly identified a writing muscle that I wanted to use more. This writing muscle also spotlighted a long-standing communication style operating on auto-pilot mode that I wanted to use much less.

The writing evolved with my own life changes. Sometimes, the writing facilitated the life changes.

I can look back through the various chapters of the series and notice three incremental phases:

  1. Rules For Living — “I have answers for you!”
  2. Reflections — “What works for me may be different than what works for you. Choose yours.”
  3. Questions — “Your answers already exist inside of you. What can you ask to yourself to help bring these forward?”

From creating and publishing to voice development to receiving feedback and stories from readers, every weekly post brought gratification.

These elements of weekly writing and publishing, not to mention a growing readership, make it easy to keep going…

Which makes it more challenging to ask, “Why stop?”

In answering this question, perhaps I should define “stop.”

To stop means to subtract publishing every week about random topics.
To stop means to hold space for the creative process.
To stop means to hold space for rest.

From a stopped position, “the why” that drives movement gains more clarity.


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