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The Largest European DIY Retailers Optimise Their Prices with Minderest


LONDON–()–The DIY market has experienced one of the largest growth in sales in recent years. Due to this, a growing number of retailers require a technology solution that allows them to improve their competitiveness. Minderest has become one of their greatest allies. Pricing software provides high-quality data about competitors catalogue and sales prices. Thanks to our Price Intelligence and Catalogue Intelligence solutions, retailers and brands can acquire insight into the movements of their competitors, enabling them to make quick, informed, decisions. That is the reason Why 4 of the 5 largest DIY companies in Europe rely on Minderest as their perfect tool.

The events over the past few years have brought the rise of e-commerce. Simultaneously the online consumer shows a greater sensitivity to product pricing, thus in most cases, potential customers make price comparisons through different online stores and marketplaces before purchasing. In this context, it is more necessary than ever before to have a tool like Minderest, to assist brands and retailers to visualise the movements of their competitors or distributors in any market and currency.

Beyond DIY, Minderest also stands out in other industries such as sports equipment, pet products, consumer electronics, food and beverages, beauty or parapharmacy goods, among others. There are already more than 300 companies that use this system on a daily basis. Many of which are also taking advantage of Reactev, the first tool based entirely on artificial intelligence, designed for retail, and boast the most sophisticated price positioning algorithms on the market. “When setting a new price, our clients can anticipate how many units they will sell with an accuracy greater than 95%, which means improving the profitability of each of the sales operations,” explains Antonio Tomás, Minderest’s CEO.

Minderest, a pricing software leading company.

Minderest’s price and product availability monitoring tool has positioned itself internationally as one of the benchmark solutions in its sector. A company with exponential growth, which has been ranked on the prestigious FT1000 for two consecutive years, published by the Financial Times, as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. Minderest operates in more than 30 countries, and its clients include Carrefour, Telefónica, Sony, MediaMarkt…

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