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There seem to be more people in the world that are unhappy with their current weight as opposed to the number of people that are really and truly happy about their weight/physique. Now although I am not a big woman, I am 5′ 2 in height, about 147 lbs, now some may say well that’s not bad at all “that’s a good size” but at one time I weighed 175 (about 8 months ago), for a woman of my stature that was pretty heavy. And my doctor was constantly telling me, Miss Neal, you must come down or you risk the chance of suffering from gout, water on your knees, and possibly other health issues

But as I got older I found that it was harder and harder for me to lose weight, now my doctor suggested that I for my height should be around 130 lb I had not been that small since I was in my late 20s or early 30s.

I’m now 47 years old so as most of you can imagine it’s really hard to get rid of The Unwanted weight I have gained over the years.

So I started trying out everything I could think of. I stopped eating certain foods, was trying out different weight loss remedies or weight loss dietary supplements and for a long time, none of that was working. So a lot of you may say but you’re a hundred and 147 pounds now, how did you lose that 20 to 30 lb?

Well, one day I was surfing the web looking for ways to lose weight when I stumbled upon an ad for something called (Smoothie Diet Program). After reading this article which I have placed a link to down below, I can remember thinking to myself, “oh boy here we go again” something promising you-you’ll be able to lose weight, something you could actually make right in your own kitchen, but because of the fact that it was inexpensive unlike most of the dietary supplements as you all should know, many of them can range anywhere from $50 to $100, “ those prices can really add up over time “ especially if you’re someone who is always trying to lose weight you could wind up spending hundreds of dollars “ and who has that kind of money to spend these days”. So naturally, the thought of being able to lose weight for a fraction of what I was used to spending intrigued me and I already had some of the ingredients in my kitchen.

I finally decided to go ahead and give it a try, now for the first month I didn’t notice any change now mind you I already eat very healthily as I am a vegan. So I was expecting to see results rather fast and after 21 days I was beginning to become a little discouraged, then one day I had a doctor’s appointment a foot doctors appointment and just like they always do at the doctor’s they weighed me. To my surprise I had actually lost 14 pounds I guess I didn’t notice because I did not own a scale I was just going by the way I looked in the mirror I didn’t see a difference some of my clothes fit a little looser but then other things I wore seem to fit the same way so that threw me off.

So now I was psyched and told myself “the smoothie drink must be working”, and you know how he elated you feel when you actually start to notice you’re losing the weight. So yeah I started exercising because I wasn’t exercising at first I was just eating the way I usually eat (my vegan food) and drinking the smoothies like every other day at least 3 days a week, but now I bumped it up to four times a week for the tea and exercising on my exercise bike at least a half an hour every day. One day about two months later, while I was in town I and my fiance stopped at the Rite Aid Pharmacy while she was waiting for her meds I decided to go ahead and take my blood pressure and weigh myself on that machine they have in most Rite Aid Pharmacies. That’s when I realized I had lost like 18 lbs, so altogether I had lost like 28 lb just drinking this tea over the course of about three to four months.

Now I don’t drink the Smoothie drinks as much anymore cuz I kind of got tired of it but whenever I feel like I may have eaten too many foods that contain too many calories outside of what I normally eat I always go back to drinking that healthy drink and it has helped me to maintain this weight. So right below here I have enclosed a link for this Smoothie Diet Program if anyone wants the chance to read about this product for themselves by Drew Sgoutas,- weight loss expert, just go to the link provided for Smoothie Diet Weight Lose Program.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my story with weight gain and the struggle to lose the weight and keep it off which I still fight with every day because in reality the struggle never stops as you get older.

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