The Best Money-Making Methods (September)


With over a dozen ways to make money in Grand Theft Auto Online, players have many means of purchasing the riches of their dreams. Whether players are trying to buy pricey luxury vehicles, invest in nightclubs, or fully stock their weapon cache, there is a great deal of demand to procure large sums of money. While the means of making money quickly change every week, there are several reliable methods for making a quick dollar in the world of GTA this month.


GTA Online, the multiplayer portion of GTA V, allows game fans to take to the streets of San Andreas and compete for high scores and monetary gains against fellow players. Regularly an open-world action-adventure game, GTA Online appeals to players who want the freedom to play however they want without real-world consequences. However, just like in real life, goods and services in the world of GTA Online still require an exchange of currency.

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There are several categories of jobs that players can do to earn varying amounts of extra cash. While the payouts aren’t the same for every job, they also range in difficulty, meaning players can choose to only perform the operations that have the highest payouts if they want to reach their monetary goals quickly. Money can be obtained through active and passive work, such as carrying cargo or investing in a business, as well as through side hustles like races and time trials.

How to Earn Money in GTA Online this Month

Keep an eye out for Double Money Events and car sales, which can help players generate a great deal of dough in a short amount of time. Through the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website, cars can be purchased for discounted prices and sold for full price after the sale ends, which turns GTA Online players’ investments into double cash. Players can also refer to available races each week and complete the ones Rockstar Games offers double rewards for.

Perhaps the most time-saving method for making money is to complete Heist missions. These missions usually require teams of four people with a high enough skill set, but can pay out high amounts if performed efficiently. Heists generate a potential profit of $400K per hour, which makes them a great way to get money quickly.

Active business ventures (such as Special Cargo Missions, Auto Shop Robberies, and VIP Contracts) are a great way for players to actively make money in between main story quests. Basically, any mission with some element of danger is going to give players a significant payout. GTA Online‘s Cargo missions can generate up to $300K per hour and VIP work grants up to $150K per hour, so completing a few of these contracts can create significant wealth.

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Passive businesses (such as opening a Motorcycle Club or Gunrunning) are a means of generating wealth by creating products that players can sell for a profit. By opening a business and buying/stealing supplies for that business, workers can produce products with those supplies for the player to sell for profit at their convenience. While opening a Nightclub for example can grant players up to $80K per hour, it’s important to maintain a frequent rate of sales if a player hopes to keep all the profits for themselves.

Another way to make small profits in GTA Online is to engage in Time Trials or other Premium Races. These can be highly beneficial (granting up to $50K) to players who are good at them. While the payout is less than other suggested methods, participating in races could be a huge time saver compared to more involved missions. Players can also check Daily Objectives and Payphones for lesser-known means of earning money.

Being rich in GTA Online gives players an immense amount of bragging rights because all money in the game is worked for, stolen, or earned. The most expensive item in GTA Online is the Luxor Deluxe, a private jet valued at $10,000,000, which means players who have invested the time and money to obtain it are highly envied. While the basic means of making money in GTA Online have been the same for a while, Daily Objectives, the vehicles on sale in the shop, and Double Money Events are changing all the time, so it’s worth checking in frequently to see how much money players can make.


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