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The Best Herbal Teas for Health and Taste | by Elina Mary | Dec, 2021


Elina Mary

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The most extensively consumed beverage in the world is tea, which is second only to water. Tea has long been seen to be a key to good health, wisdom, and happiness, yet the tea we drink may have side effects such as heartburn, dizziness, caffeine addiction, poor sleep, and so on.

As a result, drinking herbal tea is a good option. Herbal teas are high in antioxidants and vitamins, which help to fight disease and infections, protect against stress, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.


We usually drink normal tea with sugar and milk, but if we drink it in large quantities or for an extended period of time, it can be harmful to our health. As a result, drinking antioxidant- and vitamin-rich herbal tea is an excellent idea.

Herbal tea is considerably superior to normal tea in terms of health benefits. It also comes in a variety of tastes, so a person’s flavor options are never limited. Herbal teas can aid with a variety of problems, including sluggish digestion, getting a good night’s sleep, and so on. Herbal tea is a type of beverage created by steeping various herbs in hot or cold water. It also contains no caffeine and is beneficial to the body. People utilize herbal teas to detoxify their bodies and refresh their senses all over the world.


Herbal tea is a godsend to mankind, since it delivers certain benefits such as detoxification, digestion, weight loss, and so on, as per the lifestyle of urban people. It not only keeps our bodies in good shape, but it also helps us rest, recoup, and renew our minds. It is critical to consume herbal tea that is completely natural. The following are some of the advantages that this amazing drink provides:

  • ANTI-AGING: Herbal teas are high in antioxidants, which aid in the slowing of the aging process. They also aid in the prevention of free radical damage and the restoration of the body’s cell age. This gives the skin a flawless and youthful appearance.
  • SUPPORTS DIGESTION: Drinking a cup of herbal tea after a meal can aid digestion. It also works as an appetite suppressor, reducing the desire to eat repeatedly.
  • IMPROVED IMMUNE SYSTEM: As previously stated, herbal teas are effective in treating disease and infection, as well as protecting against oxidative stress. They reduce the risk of chronic diseases and infections since they are high in antioxidants and vitamins.
  • DETOXIFICATION: Herbal teas help our bodies detox. Because most of us live unhealthy lifestyles, it’s critical that we detox our bodies on a regular basis. As a result, herbal teas keep us both healthy and cheerful.
  • REDUCE INFLAMMATION: Anti-inflammatory effects in herbal teas aid in the alleviation of a variety of ailments ranging from gastrointestinal distress and arthritis to headaches and hemorrhoids.
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Because herbal teas aid digestion and increase the body’s metabolism, they aid in weight loss. It also aids in the burning of fats.
  • RELIEVE Tension: Herbal teas are excellent for relieving stress and treating insomnia, as well as soothing the mind and releasing stress-fighting chemicals in the brain. For those who suffer from depression, it also functions as a moderate antidepressant.
  • BLOOD SUGAR REGULATOR: Herbal teas are beneficial to diabetic patients since they help to lower blood sugar levels. After ingesting herbal teas, a patient with mild diabetes or who is not insulin-dependent saw a considerable improvement.
  • MAINTAIN Excellent KIDNEY HEALTH: Herbal teas, as is well known, help to detoxify the body, wash out toxins, and promote good health.
  • TREATING INSOMNIA: Insomniacs can benefit from herbal tea, which is high in tryptophan, an amino acid that calms the body and helps it fall asleep. Herbal teas help a person sleep better because they soothe the mind and are wonderful stress relievers.


Planet Ayurveda offers a variety of herbal teas that are all-natural. It gives people a more nutritious taste. These teas not only aid in the early prevention of serious diseases, but also in the treatment of minor health issues such as viral infections, moderate respiratory problems, and more.

Let’s have a look at the Planet Ayurveda line of herbal drinks. These teas are made under the rigorous supervision of Ayurveda experts and in accordance with Ayurveda texts and scriptures:


Planet Ayurveda has created a herbal composition. Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) is a potent cardiac toxin that also improves insulin sensitivity, enhances digestion, and slows down the aging process, making it an effective remedy for heart care. It’s a fantastic product from Planet Ayurveda that works wonders for a variety of ailments.

This is a natural and herbal formula that includes plants such as

  1. Arjuna
  2. Punarnava
  3. Pipaltwak
  4. Dalchini
  5. Elaichi Choti


  • In a pan, combine one cup of water and one cup of milk. It is not required to use milk in this recipe (optional).
  • Add one teaspoon of Arjun tea to the mixture and stir well.
  • Cook this mixture over low heat until it has been reduced to 1 cup.
  • Strain the tea and, to taste, add a natural sweetener such as stevia or honey.
  • Take a sip of this hot, refreshing, and energizing tea to stay healthy.


Planet Ayurveda’s detox tea is a herbal mixture that detoxifies the body. It maintains a healthy body by balancing psychic energy. It also maintains healthy circulation and metabolism by balancing the three doshas (physical energies) in the body. Chemicals, additives, extra colors, fillers, and other additions are not present in this product.

This herbal formula contains the following ingredients:

  1. Arjuna
  2. Punarnava
  3. Taruni
  4. Dalchini
  5. Elaichi Choti
  6. Amla Bhumi
  7. Saunf
  8. Elaichi Badi


  • In a pan, combine one cup of water and one cup of milk.
  • Stir 1 teaspoon of Detox tea into a tablespoon of Detox tea.
  • Bring the mixture to a boil and then reduce to low heat. Boil until the liquid has been reduced to one cup.
  • Strain the tea and, if desired, sweeten it (drink without sugar).


It is evident from the name that it is for respiratory health. It is a herbal decoction that is extremely useful for anyone suffering from respiratory problems. Planet Ayurveda created this tea specifically for respiratory problems. All of Ayurveda’s traditional methodologies are used in the manufacturing process. This tea has no additives and is flavored with natural tastes. It aids in the removal of excess mucus or phlegm from the lungs and improves ventilation. It also improves the lungs’ essential capacity and increases energy levels.

The herbal formulations’ ingredients are as follows:

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Tulsi
  3. Ginger
  4. peppers that are long
  5. Cardamom
  6. Licorice


  • Fill the pan with two cups of water.
  • Add one teaspoon of respite support tea to the mixture and whisk well.
  • Bring the mixture to a boil and then reduce to low heat. Boil until the liquid has been reduced to one cup.
  • Strain the tea and, if desired, sweeten it.


Herbal teas are liquids created by infusing or decocting herbs, spices, or other plant matter. They relieve stress and anxiety, boost immunity, and provide beneficial support for the body and its organs. Take a sip of Planet Ayurveda’s herbal teas to stay healthy and happy.

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