The advice that cost Corinna £400k and her home | Money

A vulnerable woman was allowed to withdraw £180,000 from her home using equity release to invest in an offshore, unregulated holiday property recommended to her by a fraudster.

Corinna Whitfield, 70, has been through years of misery fighting for justice after being duped out of almost £400,000 of savings by a young man who claimed to be a financial adviser. About £100,000 of her money simply vanished and the rest is stuck in bad investments.

These investments were partly enabled by a £180,000 equity release loan from One Family, which claims to be a family-friendly, ethical business. It agreed to lend the money against Whitfield’s home in Marlow, Buckinghamshire in 2016.

Last week Whitfield was reimbursed almost £400,000 by her bank, Santander, after the fake

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