The 5 Finds #7 — Black Cats and Bad Luck, Yoga For Weight Loss?, Digital Garden, Urban Psychosis, and Learning Above Your Level. | by Priyam Bose | Sep, 2022


5 Interesting finds I came across on the web

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“Cats, like the women accused of witchcraft, tend to exhibit a healthy disrespect of authority,” she notes. “They don’t fawn, like dogs, upon even the unworthy. In the church, neither independent women, nor independent animals, were to be tolerated.”

“A systematic review of 445 records, published in Preventative Medicine (opens in new tab), concluded that there was little evidence to suggest that yoga could have dramatic effects on the weight of healthy individuals. However, the review notes that there were some significant changes in body mass recorded for overweight individuals who participated in yoga studies. So the practice could decrease the weight of some people — but as with a lot of exercise programs, this depends on your starting fitness level, along with the frequency and intensity of the yoga sessions.”

“They’re not following the conventions of the “personal blog,” as we’ve come to know it. Rather than presenting a set of polished articles, displayed in reverse chronological order, these sites act more like free form, work-in-progress wikis.”

“Kirkbride’s work is but one in more than a century of studies that have found higher rates of psychosis in cities and which have sparked an intense debate over whether — to put it in its original terms — ‘cities cause madness’ or whether those affected by ‘madness’ just tend to end up in cities.”

“Tackling subjects above your level boils down to just this: figuring out what are the pieces you’re missing, and mastering them until they can be used automatically. Once you have all the missing pieces a subject isn’t difficult any more.”

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