Suzy Lamplugh prime suspect may be allowed home visit…


Suzy Lamplugh prime suspect may be allowed home visits and day release

The convicted murderer and rapist John Cannan, who is the prime suspect in the still-unsolved murder of estate agent Suzy Lamplugh, is due before a parole board to determine if he should be moved to an open prison.

The board takes place early in the New Year and if successful, it is reported that Cannan could then become eligible for day release and home visits.

Most readers will be familiar with the tragically unresolved disappearance. 

Suzy disappeared in July 1986, aged 25. She worked for Sturgis and Sons, a London agency, and was going to an appointment to meet a client – known as ‘Mr Kipper’ – in west London. She was presumed murdered and declared dead in 1994 but her body has never been found, despite many tip-offs and searches.

Cannan has been linked with her murder in the distant and recent past, but has denied any involvement.

Workplace safety charity The Suzy Lamplugh Trust was set up in her memory by her parents Paul and Diana in 1986. The Lamplughs have since died but the charity has been involved in a series of highly-respected initiatives, many aimed at improving the safety of lone female workers.

You can see a newspaper report on Cannan’s possible move to an open prison here.


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