Steady App Review: Is It a Legitimate Way To Earn Money?

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Quick Take: Steady is a mobile app that provides a database of side income opportunities, including job listings, grants and sign-on bonuses. The app also offers many financial resources and money-saving tips to help individuals make the most of their income. With millions of active gig listings, Steady is a good resource for those looking to make extra money. Here’s a closer look at Steady app, its features and its income-earning opportunities.

  • Sign up Process
  • Ease of Use
  • Earnings Potential
  • Variety of Gigs

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  • Offers emergency grants up to $1,000 to users facing monetary challenges.
  • Provides upgraded content to premium plan users for only $1.99 per month.
  • Users earn an average of $5,000 in extra income per year.
  • Lists high-paying jobs that offer between $20 and $25 per hour.


  • Users are charged a 10% fee on any earnings made through the app.
  • Can be time-consuming to search through all of the gig opportunities.

Steady App Overview

As the world of work changes to rely more heavily on remote jobs and flexible hours, people are looking for ways to make money outside of traditional nine-to-five jobs. Steady is a fintech startup and mobile application that offers resources to people who want to find flexible side income opportunities.

Launched in 2017 by finance expert Adam Rosman and backed by Shaquille O’Neal, Steady is inspired by Rosman and O’Neal’s childhood experiences of watching their families struggle financially. Steady aggregates gigs, part-time jobs and freelance job opportunities from multiple sources and lists them in a searchable database in the app. Users can find and apply for jobs in their local areas that fit their needs and schedules.  

By partnering with the Workers Fund, Steady provides cash grants to certain users. Steady has access to users’ bank account information and can quickly identify those who need financial assistance.  

Steady helps users make smarter financial decisions by providing insights into how to earn more money and cut back on unnecessary spending. The app also has an income passport, which helps users organize their income in one place. Further, Steady connects users with partner companies that can help users save money, such as with no-fee bank accounts and affordable auto insurance.  

How the Steady App Works

One of the app’s main goals is to help people increase their income, so they don’t have to rely on credit to meet basic expenses. Steady is free to download for iOS and Android users. After downloading the app, people can input information to receive targeted jobs and income-earning opportunities. Users can search for jobs based on interest, work availability or location.  

There is no cost to search for jobs or other income-earning opportunities. However, a premium version of the app is available for $1.99 per month, giving users access to more curated content.  

Key Features

The Steady app offers a few key features worth noting. Here’s a close look at each one. 

1. Sign-Up Process

The app is free to download for iOS and Android users. As soon as the app downloads, users are prompted to create an account and answer survey questions. People should spend a few minutes answering the questions thoughtfully, as the survey is used to match skills and experience to opportunities. The survey includes questions about: 

  • The type of work the user is looking for
  • Where the user wants to work
  • The modes of transportation the user has access to
  • The user’s availability
  • The user’s highest level of education
  • The user’s job experience
  • What jobs or gigs the user is interested in.

After a user’s profile is finalized, they will be able to view a list of income-earning opportunities, including full-time work, part-time jobs, work-from-home positions and gigs. Members can filter opportunities by location, pay, posted date and industry. 

The sign-up process is easy, quick and intuitive. It takes most members less than 10 minutes to complete the process. 

2. Convenience 

Steady’s interface is intuitive and simple to use. It is easy to utilize the search function and filter results by opportunity type, location, job category and date posted. Members can download the app and complete the sign-up process in minutes. The job search function lets users find opportunities that meet their schedules and other job requirements. 

3. Earnings Potential

Members have a few ways to earn money through Steady. Here’s how it’s done.

Job Opportunities

Steady has more than 1.5 million job listings at any one time. The amount users earn varies depending on location and type of gig. However, Steady reports that the average user makes about $5,000 in extra income each year.  


Users experiencing financial hardship can fill out a grant application directly in the app. Filling out an application does not guarantee a grant, but linking a bank account can help a member’s chance of receiving funds. Steady reported that it has already provided more than $4 million in emergency grants to users.

Income Boosters

The income booster section of the Steady app provides recommendations for financial products that offer sign-up bonuses. Common recommendations include bank accounts and loan products. Members are not obligated to sign up for these items.

4. Gig Variety

A lot of the opportunities listed in the app are gigs such as food delivery, grocery shopping, dog walking, house sitting and package handling. Members who are interested in traditional part-time or full-time opportunities can still find plenty of options in the app. Users can even sort by opportunity type so they are not seeing jobs that do not appeal to them. It’s important to remember that the primary objective of Steady is to help members find side hustles, not full-time employment. The opportunities reflect that goal.

Steady vs. Competitors

Many apps offer side-hustle income opportunities, so Steady isn’t the only option. Here are a few alternatives to Steady that members should know. 

1. TaskRabbit

An app similar to Steady is TaskRabbit, a marketplace that lets members view and claim various jobs that people post. The app connects Taskers with individuals who need help completing tasks such as home repairs, running errands or assembling furniture. Taskers get paid when they complete tasks. The most common tasks available on the TaskRabbit app include: 

  • Errands
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Home repairs
  • Driving assistance
  • Moving help
  • Furniture assembly.

One of the main differences between Steady and TaskRabbit is the amount of pay members receive. Many of TaskRabbit’s gigs are low-paying, offering around $15 an hour on average.

2. Wonolo 

Wonolo is an app-based staffing marketplace that is not as well-known as Steady or TaskRabbit. The app connects companies who need workers to perform specific jobs. Companies or individuals post gigs in the marketplace, and workers can claim these jobs once they’ve received the job description. Workers who accept gigs through the platform are called Wonoloers. 

Unlike Steady, Wonolo focuses on full- and part-time jobs rather than gigs. Companies that need same-day or short-notice help typically post job opportunities if workers fail to show up or call in sick. Many of the jobs fall into the following categories: 

  • Driving or delivery work
  • Factory jobs
  • Restaurant work
  • Construction jobs
  • Event staffing. 

To apply for a job, users need to create a resume, share information about their experience and create a profile. The company reaches out to applicants directly through the app if hired.

Wonolo takes care of many logistics, including payment, administration and follow-up. Many of the jobs on the platform pay a minimum of $15 an hour, but some pay more depending on the role and the location.

3. DoorDash

Unlike Steady, DoorDash is an application that links members to food delivery jobs in their local areas. It provides a way for members to make extra income, but it restricts them to working for one specific company. DoorDash is currently available in more than 5,500 cities, and members can sign up to become drivers through the app. Prospective drivers need to live in one of the cities where DoorDash operates and have access to a bike, car or scooter. 

Signing up to be a driver on the app is simple, but it takes a few days to approve an application. Once approved, Dashers can decide how often they want to work. When they’re available, drivers open the app to begin receiving orders. They can decline or accept jobs that come through the app.

4. Instacart 

Another popular app similar to Steady is Instacart, one of the leading grocery delivery services in the country. Shoppers earn money by purchasing groceries on behalf of customers at local stores and delivering the items. For those who do not want to deliver, there are opportunities for in-store shoppers only. 

Unlike Steady, those who register with Instacart are limited to jobs with a single company. Prospective shoppers can download the Instacart app on any iOS or Android device. Applicants must pass a background check and complete a profile before shoppers begin working. 

Instacart shoppers can set their own schedules once approved. Users can sign-up for shifts in the app or log in to receive orders when they are available. 

5. Fiverr 

Fiverr is a freelance app that works more like Steady than DoorDash or Instacart. Members can offer services and set their own rates. The most popular services provided by Fiverr members include: 

  • Writing
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing services
  • Website optimization and design
  • Search engine optimization services
  • Social media management 
  • Virtual assistant work. 

Businesses and individuals can also post jobs on Fiverr, and users can claim the tasks they are qualified to complete.

Final Take 

Anyone who wants to use Steady to find side-income opportunities should try the free version before using the premium option, which costs $1.99 a month. The free version allows members to search for and apply for jobs without paying. The premium version is a good option for those who want insight into their spending habits and financial situation.  

Editorial Note: This content is not provided by Steady. Any opinions, analyses, reviews, ratings or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author alone and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by Steady.


Marketplace gig apps are growing in popularity, but they are unfamiliar to many people. The answers to these frequently asked questions can help people learn more about how the Steady app works.

  • Is Steady legit? 
    • Yes, Steady is a legitimate app that connects workers with side-hustle opportunities. The company does offer specific opportunities that feel like sales pitches through the income booster platform, but there is no obligation to buy anything and it is easy to reach the search tool. 
  • What does Steady do?
    • The Steady app helps people find income opportunities through full-time jobs, part-time employment, or side gigs. The app also allows users to track their income, learn about their financial habits and find cash-back opportunities on financial services.
  • Can users make money with Steady? 
    • Users can make money by applying for employment opportunities on the app. Members must complete jobs to receive money for work through the app. Steady charges a 10% fee on all work found through the app’s search function.  
  • How much does the Steady app cost?
    • A free version of the app lets users search for gigs, apply for jobs, and view income boosters. Steady takes a 10% cut of the money users earn. A premium membership option costs $1.99 a month and lets users compare income sources. There is no cost for the premium version other than the $1.99 cost. Users can downgrade to the free version at any time. 
  • Do users need a resume to use Steady?
    • Members do not need a resume to register for a Steady account. However, many gig opportunities may request a resume during the application process. It is a good idea to have a resume on hand when applying for opportunities on Steady.

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