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SFA Gardens get $5K boost from Garden Capital of Texas committee

September 24, 2022


TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – The Garden Capital of Texas Committee donated $5,000 dollars to SFA Gardens.

The group raised the money to fund salaries for the SFA Gardens’ environmental education program. The gardens have 128 acres within them with four different themes.

An important role that the gardens plays is in teaching younger generations about the environment through their environmental education program. This program brings different schools into the gardens and teaches them about the environment through fun and engaging activities.

The program went from serving around 11-12,000 kids per year to zero due to the pandemic. Since then, other issues related to the pandemic and budgets have affected the program.

Garden Capital of Texas Committee President Angela Wiederhold says the program is near and dear to the committee’s heart and is an important asset to the community.

“This particular grant was important to us to give back to the University to help fund this position so they can continue to enhance and encourage young people to become involved in beautification and learning about the environment,” Wiederhold said.

The gardens want to thank the community for their continued support.

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