Sewage floods home of family with newborn after heavy rain


A Hornchurch family welcomed their newborn son home to the smell of “noxious waste” as heavy rain flooded their home with sewage. 

Yesterday (October 20), after an hour of rain, sewage and water submerged the “whole footprint” of a house in Hornchurch with around “a foot and a half” of water, according to owner Adam Clements.  

Baby Jett

Baby Jett Clements.

– Credit: Adam Clements

The family of three are now unable to use their toilets and shower as the water has nowhere to flush or flow into.  

Adam, 31, lives with his girlfriend Sophie Williamson, 34 and their one-day-old son Jett on Squirrels Heath Lane, where Adam purchased his property in March.  

Since moving in, Adam says he has been living in “shocking conditions” as the manhole in his house repeatedly floods with sewage every time it rains.  

He previously called for action on the problem earlier this month, ahead of his son’s birth, through the Recorder

When contacted previously, Havering Council said it was doing all it can to “maintain the rainwater drains”, including promising to clear a gulley within 10 days.

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However, a spokesperson also said the sewage drains are the responsibility of Thames Water.  

Adam claims a Thames engineer advised him to “move house” – but the new father said he would lose a “massive amount” if the family did so.   


The sewage as seen from the manhole in Adam’s house.

– Credit: Adam Clements

Adam said: “It is completely out of my control.  

“I have a one-day-old baby who has just come home with his mother in a house full of noxious waste, with toilets I can’t use and no access to use the shower as it will back up and flood my home due to an outdated infrastructure.”  

Thames Water and Havering Council have contacted for additional comment.  


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