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Sameera Reddy on not achieving Diwali weight loss target: Sometimes it’s good to stop and reset | Health


By Krishna Priya Pallavi, Delhi

Bollywood actor Sameera Reddy started her fitness journey a few months on social media by revealing to her fans that she wanted to lose weight before Diwali and get fit. The star also talked about the importance of mental health and accepting our bodies. Now, Sameera is once again stressing the significance of taking a break and allowing our bodies the window to reset.

Sameera took to Instagram recently to share with her followers that she wasn’t going to achieve her weight loss target by Diwali. She said that achieving fitness goals in the last few days was the hardest, but she was going to try and stay consistent. She added in the comments that she had to slow down her regimen because of her back issues.

Sameera shared a stunning picture of herself, smiling for the camera, to share the news. She captioned the post, “The last bit is the hardest! But I try and stay consistent with the workouts. I’m not going to make my Diwali target but I’m going to keep going! My whole process has slowed down but sometimes it’s good to stop and reset! Feeling strong, feeling good and staying motivated, that’s a constant work in progress for us. #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #letsdothis.”

See her post here:


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Recently, Sameera made headlines when she shut down a follower for criticising her for trying to lose weight and work out while talking about body positivity. “Everyone has their own definition of body; and we can’t judge it. Acceptance and Goals go hand in hand. Whatever the goal may be. The #bodypositivity movement focuses on the uniqueness of every shape and size . To uplift, to empower and to inspire. Whatever your choices may be,” she wrote as a reply to the follower.

Sameera often talks about forgiving and loving our bodies and encourages her followers to do the same. What do you think about her recent post?

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