Rylan Clark gives a glimpse at his HUGE garden as he hunts for missing snake inside his house

RYLAN Clark has given his fans a glimpse at his HUGE back garden as he and his mum were seen hunting for a missing snake.

The TV presenter had been left terrified after the unwelcome visitor found its way into his Essex home last night before going missing.

Rylan revealed a snake had found its way into his home


Rylan revealed a snake had found its way into his homeCredit: INSTAGRAM
He showed off his huge garden space as he hunted for the reptile


He showed off his huge garden space as he hunted for the reptileCredit: INSTAGRAM

Rylan, 33, took to Instagram to show the small snake slithering around his kitchen as he begged fans for help on how to get rid of it.

“There’s a f***ing snake in my house,” he could be heard shouting before appearing to allow the snake back outside into the garden.

However, after a sleepless night – Rylan sent his mum Linda out into the sprawling green space to try to locate the critter.

The star revealed his HUGE garden in the video clip, including a large garage out-house, perfectly trimmed lawn and hot tub.

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“It’s alright, don’t worry – Steve Irwin is on the case,” he sarcastically joked as he filmed Linda, 70, walking round the garden.

“I reckon it’s round your hot tub,” Linda could be seen saying, before Rylan pretended to see the snake, scaring her as she jumped up.

Rylan panned around the garden, showing off the tall trees and chic black garden furniture around the bubbling hot tub and BBQ space.

Elsewhere, the video showed a huge outdoor table and chairs area, as well as a food-serving station covered by black umbrellas.

Rylan was left terrified after finding the snake in his home in the early hours of the morning – stopping him sleeping.

“Please, seriously, it’s a real snake. Can someone call the police or something? OK, I am calming down,” he could be heard shouting.

“I have looked on the internet. I don’t know what to do. Can you touch them? Are you allowed to touch them?

“Can someone help me get it out of my house –  It has a tongue and everything. Do I shoe it along? I don’t know.”

Sharing updates with fans Rylan said that he’d tried to touch the snake and it had started moving – before “going at him”.

Rylan said the snake had moved away but admitted that it had gone into the doors, and admitted he “wasn’t in a good way”.

He said: “Why is there a snake in my house? Is it normal? Can someone tell me? Is there a mum and a dad snake?

“Seriously some people are saying it’s a grass snake but others are saying it’s a baby adder and that if it’s an adder it can kill you.”

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The star, who admitted to being hungover while all this was going on, waited on his sofa to see where the snake went and looked mortified as he admitted he “couldn’t sleep.”

Rylan said he’d only slept for half an hour because he’d fallen asleep then awoken again after dreaming the snake had bit his shoulder.

Rylan showed off the sprawling lawn as Linda hunted for the snake


Rylan showed off the sprawling lawn as Linda hunted for the snakeCredit: INSTAGRAM
He also showed off the hot tub space


He also showed off the hot tub spaceCredit: INSTAGRAM
Rylan shared footage of the snake yesterday


Rylan shared footage of the snake yesterdayCredit: Instagram

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