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The Money

Legally the only place you own this property is in the law office or a title company. This will be what is called a “doublclose.” Just a little warning for you — Most real estate brokers and even lawyers have never heard of this and they might even tell you it’s illegal. They merely don’t deal with enough originative investors like you. That statement is unequivocally false!
Whether the lawyer or the title company handles the closing depends upon where you live so head down to the investor club to discover which you’ll need in your area. Get an exact company who handles this often this so you won’t have to look around. When you close you get paid and as people get to know you, you are able to ask for your assignment before the property even closes depending upon just how large it is. Don’t forget to pay your referals like you said you would. Even if your deal only brought forth $5000, giving up$2000
will bring you at least twice the number of deals with this maneuver.

The Push Up Factor

Demographics data should be requested and made available to the prospective client interested in making a purchase with very specific requirements. This may be for some a rather tedious study and really not very significant to the single investor but with careful consideration it is possible to make decisions that will keep the prospective property investor from buying properties that will either depreciate in value because there is simply no market for it, or to be stuck with a property that will not yield good profits or rental possibilities. The interest rates that effect the purchasing power of the potential buyer is also something to be considered by the seller. If the purchase market is not healthy due to high interest rates imposed at the time, then a lot of properties will not be able to fetch good prices nor will the properties be able to attract buyers. Therefore, there is a certain amount of significance tagged to the property market buoyancy and the interest rates charged. For some property investors this can have disastrous effects, especially if they themselves are unable to have the “holding” power necessary to keep afloat and out of debt due to the interest rates situation.

The economy and government policies at the time are also another factor to consider when investing in property. All these factors have inter-connective scenarios that can result in the investor being stuck without any recourse for their investments until changes are evident.

Home Improvement & Makeover

Adding a parking garage or parking spaces for the home unit is becoming quite an important requirement in current times. Parking facilities are usually quite costly, thus being able to offer a property with this incorporated into the design will definitely contribute to the positive value of the property in question. This kind of add on, can also play dual roles for those who may desire to have separate living quarters, while still being able to be part of one property. Thus the existing garage space can be converted to facilitate this desire.
If the budget permits, having a kitchen make over is also another good exercise to conduct in view of trying to enhance the property value. Sprucing up the current kitchen with new and more modern feature will definitely be a positive draw to the property as most activities in a home are prevalent in the kitchen area. If this is not feasible, simply adding color by means of a new bright code of paint or replacing old and faded curtains or blinds for newer and more pleasing patterned ones could do the trick just as well. Creating extra space from areas that are rarely utilized or underutilized is also another option to consider when making a home improvement or makeover decision. Such exercises will provide the current home with more useable, friendly space, thus again contributing to the increase in property value. These space enhancement projects can take on the form of utilizing unused space such as attics, basements and spare or store rooms. Such areas can be converted into extra bedrooms, family game rooms, hangout areas for teenage children and their friends and many other positive uses of space.

Have a Look
Edge the beds — cut into the edges of the grassy land wherever it should not overlap, this will ideally present a more manicured and pleasant looking lawn. This doesn’t need to be an expensive or exhausting exercise, as regular trimming sessions will effectively keep the overgrown areas from becoming an untidy mess.
If time and energy permits, adding a colorful flower bed trimming to the edges will also give an overall pleasant and neat look to the garden area. This is cheaper that other more extensive decorative addictions that are usually costly.
Sprucing the garden with color is another addition that can yield the desired results when prospective buyers visit the property. This addition of color can brighten the overall garden and make it more appealing, as color additions often do.
Other important renovations can include cutting or minimizing the need to have huge overgrown foliage that is neither complimenting nor advantages to the property. Most people are put off by such huge feature, as the perception of having high maintenance issues are commonly related to these types of features.

Expand Your Property

A property can be converted into an office space or a place of business. This can be done if the relevant authorities have designated the property and the surrounding area for commercial use. Therefore, offering the property up for these uses can enhance its value if the said property is in a prime location where the ideal traffic flow can be tapped into.
Using the property to facilitate a home business entity, is also another option that can be explored, provided the business style intended is not going to cause any inconvenience or adversity to the surrounding area. This is quite a popular form of starting a business and with the assistance provided by the governing bodies, it has become a fast growing industry.
Expanding the property revenue earning possibilities by redesigning the home into smaller self sufficient and self contained units will also contribute to the enhanced possibility of deriving more revenue. If such an establishment is well run, there will be no shortage of interest in the property. Another feature that will benefit this style of dwellings would be if the property is ideally located within reasonable distance from all amenities.
The more conventional way of expanding the property would be to actually physically add on built up sections to the pre existing built up area. Such additions should ideally be around designs like a conservatory, a outdoor barbecue area and lounge, a swimming pool, a green house and any other features that would be deemed attractive and functional to the prospective buyer or investor.


Property expansions do not always relate to the actual adding of extra space to the pre-existing unit. It can also mean using the property for other purposes, which does not constitute to it being a living space for a family unit as most conventional uses would entail.

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