Readers react to Panda Garden’s new £3 child policy


READERS have reacted to Panda Garden’s new restaurant policy, which became a hotly debated national story. 

Panda Garden, a Chinese restaurant in Barrow, announced on Facebook that children would be subject to a £3 charge for children and babies who were not eaten. 

The Daily Mail newspaper claimed that Panda Garden’s new policy created ‘fury’ in the local area, but how did our readers respond? 

Lee Thompson said: “A £3 charge is nothing, I bet a two-year-old would still munch on soft chips etc. Then there’s some that want bottles warming up, I think £3 is a reasonable charge to enable the whole family to enjoy a meal out.” 

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Lisa Beatrice Barbara Barr said: “We went with a one-year-old who ate loads of rice, chips, spring rolls then cake and ice cream. She made a huge mess on the floor by dropping rice and as much as we cleaned up as we went along it was everywhere..under the highchair..she’s a baby at the end of the day but I went to the bar and apologised and asked for a dustpan and brush to be told don’t worry we will sort it and they were lovely about it. £3 is nothing to pay when I saw what she ate and the mess she made that the staff cleaned up and she wasn’t the only baby in there.” 

Jeanette Kendall said: “Oh the drama. Their restaurant, their rules. Get a takeaway and clean up after yourselves if you don’t like it.” 

However, Joe Blogs disagreed: “£3 for babies not eating that is just pure greed. So if they are using the extra seat scenario what about 2 adults go in and you’re seated on a table that can hold 4 does that mean they are going to start charging everybody for the extra seats that are spare at that table someone could sit on?”

Sarah Jackson was undecided because she said that she cleaned up after her little one, however: “There are PLENTY of parents that just leave it for the staff to clean as it’s their job (sarcasm) which is probably exactly why this policy has been introduced.”


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