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Engagement is the holy grail of online marketing. If you can grab and hold your visitor’s attention, and give them a compelling PERSONALIZED experience, you can increase your results in multiples.

No matter your goal — opt-ins, sales, viral sharing — an interactive quiz can push the right buttons within your prospect’s brain, compelling them to follow through and do exactly what you want.

Online quizzes can generate 1000s of leads without spending a single cent on ads. Don’t believe me? Drew Duboff used an online quiz to generate 1,310 leads from Pinterest traffic without paying a dime. And companies like a small teeth whitening brand used online quizzes to generate 19,212 leads… and $123,855 in sales!

And they did it the hard way, without the easy drag & drop of Quizzmate! I will go through some awesome features of this software in my Quizzmate Review.

If you’re faced with hiring an expensive programmer — or even worse, digging your hands into your website code and trying to work out how to create one of these interactive quizzes yourself, you could easily wonder if it’s even worth it.

The quiz software can be complicated and very tedious to use as well. But Quizzmate can solve all these problems for you in just 3 steps. Yes you read that right. Getting started with Quizzmate is as easy as 1–2–3.

Step 1: Log in to Quizzmate’s online dashboard from anywhere with any device

Step 2: Select your quiz type and drag & drop the building blocks

Step 3: Copy the posting single line of posting code and add it to any webpage anywhere, or share it on your social media accounts.

In my Quizzmate review next, I am going to go through some of the great features of this software.

-5 Powerful Prospect Pulling App

-Easily Embed Quizzes To Any Site Anywhere

-Build Affiliate Links Into Buttons For Instant Returns

-Manage Leads From Your Easy Dashboard

-Built-In Automatic And Manual Emailing

-Built-In Done-For-You Email Campaigns

-Easy 3 Step Creation Anyone Can Do

-Built-In Timer Bars Add Scarcity

-Collect Opinions From User To Feedback & Targeting

-Segment Leads For Perfect Offer Targeting

-Viral Sharing Built In

-Detailed Analytics Reports

Why should you get this software?

If you are struggling with engagement or not getting enough leads from your website, quizzes are fun to do and it keeps your users engaged as well as interested in your content.

They may even get you ultra targeted niche which you can retarget to sell your products as you would exactly know what your target customers are looking for.

Quizzmate comes with 5 lead gen quizzes:

The Engagement Quizz — This is going to be your go-to quiz! Starts with a Yes/No question to draw the prospect in and polarize them. Then, it progressively narrows them to your desired result, question after question. Add a timer and you’ll giver your prospect scarcity, plus the rush of adrenaline to complete the quiz on time!

The Poll Quizz — We call this our “Research Reporter.” This allows you to create polls to collect opinions from your prospects. It also lets them enter answers for questions. EVERYONE wants to be heard, and you are giving them the perfect chance to state their opinion, feedback, and thoughts on whatever subject you want!

The Score Quizz — Competitors, start your engines! It’s so simple to set up a quiz, along with the correct answers. When the prospect reaches the end of the quiz, the score is automatically calculated and shown. And they will reach the end… nobody can start one without seeing how they score! Based on the score, you can then redirect the prospect to any lead gen or affiliate offer you wish. (Hint: These get virally shared like crazy!)

The Surveyor Quizz — This is the “Review Rater.” Another great tactic for drawing your prospect in for an opportunity to state their opinions! You easily add in quiz questions with ratings. For each question, the prospect can specify their rating and move on to the next question.

The Response Pumper — This one generates insane response! This is a simple question & answer quiz with multiple options. Scarcity and interactivity are pumped up to the max with a timer and a spin-the-wheel section. This is a complete experience for your prospect that will keep them locked in and on task (as you’ve directed them!).

This is the best and easiest drag and drop builder you will get for just a small amount. I have been using it and have had no troubles so far. People want to express their opinions on everyone and what better way to get an opinion other than to take quiz?

I hope you enjoyed reading my Quizzmate review and really hope it may have helped you take a buying decision. If you want to get some bonuses along with all this awesome software, you can visit my website where I have given details about Quizzmate and when you buy from my link you can get great bonuses.

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