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Pollax Partner With Pollax Connect | by POLLAX | Dec, 2021



Pollax Partners will be a key element in building the Pollax global community that aims to make the internet and its resources affordable by building premium existing applications, web SaaS, games, and many more, as well as innovations by the community for the community.

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The Cash Event Program (Pollax Connect) will send Digital currencies to members invited by the Partner members, The tokens will then will accrue to potentially thousands of dollars, members will be completing tasks that can take less than 15 minutes-25 minutes.

How is this possible? The power of a community is widely underrated. Pollax Connect members will be led to their new but temporary community in Discord and Telegram groups which will be their new collaborative home but later to the friendlier Pollax Community Application. The members will be given up to 15 tasks per month, which would usually be to invite members to a new project group. The platform from which they will invite members will be provided (usually other telegram and discord groups).

The set target, for instance, would be 50,000 new members. After the target is reached, they will be sent 5%–10% of the project tokens immediately after hitting the target. The Pollax administrative team will then continue to strengthen the mini-community for further growth in the new project both internally and externally in preparation for the launch of the tradable digital asset and later the actual application, which is going to change the world for the better.

At NO point will connect members be asked to pay for anything. It’s that simple.

The Partner Program will enable Partners pages to receive monthly royalty payments, they will also be compensated through project review payments for new projects that have launched relevant to the type of page. For example, side hustle influencers will be given projects that will allow the audience to earn a living on those platforms.

In summary, Partners invite Pollax Connect members who will help build The Pollax community by reaching out to members of other groups in the De-Fi space, this is a better approach for project longevity as it enables proper relaying of information rather than influencer marketing with generates hype and short term projects.

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