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Pets at Home staff to benefit from potential £11.7m pay out

December 1, 2021


Pets at home shares pay out
More than 500 colleagues will benefit from the pay out.
// Over 500 colleagues are seeing an almost fivefold increase in the value of their
// Colleagues invested a total of £2.96m, which is now worth over £14.6m

Pets at Home colleagues will benefit from a share of a potential £11.7m pay out, as part of the biggest gain to date from the company’s Sharesave Scheme.

More than 500 colleagues who have been putting money into the scheme have
seen the value of their investment increase almost fivefold, following the successful implementation of the retailer’s pet care strategy.

The average scheme is now estimated to be worth around £26,400* resulting in a potential
gain of £21,000*

All staff members were given the opportunity to spend £500 a month on purchase Pets at Home shares at a fixed price of just over 94p (a discount of 20 per cent on the market).

As of 30 November 2021, the share price had increased to £4.654.

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Pets at Home said those contributing the maximum amount of £500 per month could now own shares worth around £89,000, a potential gain of £71,000.

Since 2014, staff members across the business have saved £6.8 million across 2,100 active sharesave plans which were worth £21 million at maturity.

“At Pets at Home, colleague share ownership is hugely important to our company culture,” said Louise Stonier, chief people and culture officer at Pets at Home.

“Our colleagues are so dedicated to supporting our customers and pets and I’m delighted that they are able to share in the value that we create together.

“It is wonderful to see colleagues participating in share plans across the company and to hear what they plan to spend their well-earned money on, especially when it’s just in time for Christmas.”

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