Personal Accountability Demonstrates Confidence and Self-Love | by Diamond on Display | Dec, 2021


Diamond on Display

The above quote begins a text I once sent to a friend. I knew my actions were 100% my responsibility, not my friend’s, but still I felt angry with my friend. Thus, the above introduction to my text.

Personal accountability is hard to adopt for all of us. We want to be and be portrayed as good, capable people, therefore, it becomes easier to put the responsibility of our actions and attitudes onto other people and circumstances.

Personal accountability becomes easier to adopt when we recognize it as an act of confidence and self-love.

Personal Accountability Demonstrates Confidence

We have confidence when we believe we have the capability to achieve a goal. I’ve noticed at least in myself, I am more likely to not want to take personal responsibility for my actions when I don’t believe I’m capable of changing those actions. Therefore, in order to avoid my feelings of failure, I choose to instead blame my actions on someone or something else. Once I recognize I’m capable of changing my actions, then I have the desire to take responsibility to change them. I suspect this also applies to others. A person is more likely to be willing to account for their actions when they believe they are capable of improving those actions, thus, demonstrating confidence.

Personal Accountability Demonstrates Self-love

Self-love is an appreciation of our own worth. The stronger we become in our character, the more blessed we become. For example, when we learn not to control others, our relationships strengthen. We we show up to work on time, it pleases our boss leading to better raises. When we save our money instead of spend, we’re allowed to breathe easier when unexpected costs arise. We strive for blessings when we believe we are worthy of them. Accepting responsibility for one’s actions is required in order to strengthen our character. Therefore, personal responsibility is an act of self-love.


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