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All of the jobs are very simple, but just to make sure that you don’t get stuck I’ve put together detailed training for every step. We have a database of hundreds of Facebook,Instagram, Twitter and YouTube jobs that is updated daily with fresh high paying jobs that ANYONE can do, no matter what your age, gender or where you live.

We really believe in giving back in life to life so the only thing I ask of you is that once you start making money with social media jobs that you “pass it on” and help someone else start doing the same.

You just have to copy and paste those answers while replying to their comments.And the best thing is that you don’t need anything more than a reliable internet connection and a smartphone. Hit this black line to apply. With the job below, earning money by posting YouTube comments is a simple four-step process:

It takes about 2 minutes and you can make $200 per day doing this.

Here’s the job details…

Job title: Earn $280 per day posting YouTube comments for small companies

Job description: We have 5 small online companies looking to bolster their presence on YouTube. To do this they want to employ several remote workers to copy and paste comments on to their YouTube videos to try and promote discussion and increase the view count of their content. This is very straight-forward work, which you’ll be able to do whilst watching TV, listening to podcasts or the radio. If you’re looking for difficult, challenging work, this probably isn’t the job for you.

Pay: $280 per day

Location: This is remote work you can do from anywhere, so we’re looking for people from [ ANY COUNTRY] (though you will need to be English speaking).

Requirements: You need a smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop and an internet connection. The hours are flexible — you can choose between 2–8 hours per day.Experience necessary: If you’ve never commented on a YouTube video before, it’s very easy — especially as you’ll be provided with the comment to post. As I say, posting each comment can take as little as 2 minutes. And we’ll provide you with optional basic training in case you feel you need some additional support.

Hit the link below to apply now…

Three questions…

  • Can you handle copy and pasting YouTube comments?
  • Do you want to make $280 per day?
  • Do you want to work remotely?
  • If you answered YES to all three of those questions…

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We just ran your details through our database and because you’re from [ANY COUNTRY], you matched with a new remote social media job managing a company’s Twitter account.

The job pays $1,000+ per week…

Has flexible hours (minimum 5 per week).And, according to our database, your skill set matches perfectly.Your main role will be uploading premade videos to YouTube on behalf of small digital companies

Don’t worry if you’ve never uploaded a YouTube video before, it only takes a few minutes and is very easy. And we’ve even arranged a short 30-minute training course to help you get started in your new role.

Yes, let me explain.

Look, some big companies are looking for ordinary folks from [ANY COUNTRY] to handle their social media.They’ll give you some pre-made content that you have to copy and post on their social media.

You don’t need to learn any social media advertising skills as the content is premade. Just make sure you have a reliable internet connection, a smartphone, and a few minutes of your time daily.

175bucks/day chatting on Facebook Messenger — Hiring Worldwide

Do you already use Facebook messenger to chat with your family and friends? If so, you can earn $175 per day chatting to other people on Facebook Messenger. A small company we work with is looking for 2 remote workers to join their Facebook Messenger customer support team. Here are the details…

Job title: Earn $175 per day chatting to customers on Facebook Messenger

Job description: The company we’re advertising on behalf of has moved most of its customer support onto Facebook Messenger, as it’s easier and quicker to use when communicating with their customers compared to phone or email. With the huge growth they’ve seen on the platform, they’re now looking to add 2 new remote workers to their Facebook Messenger customer support team. If you’re one of the successful applicants today, you’ll be given online training to become a fully fledged member of the team. It’s a very relaxed company and online work environment and the customers’ questions are generally easy to answer — but you will need to be keen to help others!

Pay: $175 per day

‘Earn $175 per day chatting to customers on Facebook Messenger’.

Location: Posting to social media accounts is obviously done online, so this is a remote position available to people from [ANY COUNTRY].

Requirements: The requirements are very basic. You just need 5–20 hours availability each week — you can choose which hours you’d like to work. And you’ll also need a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC — anything you can install Facebook Messenger on.

Necessary experience: The customer support isn’t of a technical nature. It’s mostly just answering basic questions about the company’s products and services. And you’ll be given full training online, so if you’re new to remote work don’t let that hold you back!

As I say, this company is only looking for 2 people to add to its Facebook Messenger customer support team today. So, if you’re interested in this job, make sure you’re one of the first to get your application in.

Go to the link below to apply now….

Full training will be provided at the beginning of the job and the content is premade. Hit this black line to confirm your application and know more about this job.

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