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Online craft store sells creations from Adults in Motion participants


A local program for adults with developmental disabilities is promoting a sense of purpose and pride for its participants through craft making.

Melissa Clark, a seventh year participant at Adults in Motion (AIM) Kitchener, considers herself quite the crafter and feels in her element.

AIM has set up an online craft store for all 80 of their participants in Kitchener, Cambridge and Oakville and Hamilton to learn how to make and sell their art online.

“We get to make fun things for the Etsy program. I like doing the little ornaments on the tree,” said Clark.

James Growden, another participant in Kitchener said it’s a lot of fun.

“I love sanding all the candlesticks,” he said.

Shelley Murphy, the executive director of AIM said the goal is to promote a sense of ownership.

“It’s really important for our participants when they come here to feel a sense of belonging but also a sense of purpose that what they do has meaning and that’s productive towards something,” explained Murphy.

It’s also a way to teach participants some life skills that they may not have learned otherwise.

“About budgeting, shopping, the concept of revenues and costs and the concept of making money by doing something,” said Murphy.

The proceeds from their online store will go back to the artists in the form of a cheque and double as a fundraiser to support AIM programming.

“I like making money,” said Alex Morrison, a participant of Adults in Motion. “I like making cards and making everyone happy.”

While Pierre Roma said he loves “making cards and envelopes for family and friends,” hoping that will help get more donations.

Murphy said the Etsy shop will run all year long with seasonal items.

Participants said they can’t wait for their works of art, handmade with love, to show up in happy homes.

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