Net zero rules will make home extensions smaller and more expensive

“That’s going to be an issue particularly in cities and London particularly, where people are really squeezing as much as they can onto the smallest space, because in cities there are more issues with boundaries and the value of space itself.”

Estimates suggest a typical extension was also likely to become around £3,000 more expensive, based on the increased cost of triple-glazing and insulation, though homeowners would recoup their money more quickly through lower energy bills, he added.

Mr Belsham said one inch extra of internal insulation would reduce a typical 13 by 13 foot-room by over four square feet.

Separate estimates by architect Andrew Mellor, partner at consultancy PRP, suggested a reduction of around six square feet of floor space on an extension measuring 3 metres by 4 metres (9.8 feet by 13.1 feet), a standard size for a semi-detached house.

Rico Wojtulewicz, head of housing and planning policy at the National Federation of Builders, said: “Many people are buying later in life, and they’re going to be the most impacted by any additional cost, because they’ve probably stretched their budget to afford the house in the first place.

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