My Strategy to Overcome Irritability and Increase Focus | by Cedricange | Aug, 2022

How I fight negative thoughts creeping into my mind

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I struggle with focus !

When I’m struggling to focus, I feel as though my brain has turned against me. It feels like every thought or impulse is an invitation to distraction and self-sabotage.

In these moments, it helps to have some tips on how to stay focused no matter what. Irritability is one of the most common side effects of adversity one can encounter during the day. At times it feels like the world itself is conspiring against you.

I’ve been there: a little cranky, maybe even mean and petty, with limited patience and a short attention span. The result? An unpleasant disposition that alienates everyone around me — including myself!

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I always thought it was useless to implement a morning ritual, then I realized that I don’t know how to stay focused. I got used to allow the restlessness of my mind produce distraction, pulling me away from the work I need to get done, and moreover impeding my feeling of success in life.

Starting the day without a clear plan can be a detrimental habit to take on, because I have seen it setting me up for a longtime of poor focus and an overall sensation of being overwhelmed and not productive.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Hey Cedric ! Start your day with a ritual that helps you stay present and focused on what’s important. This could be as simple as drinking a cup of tea and reading something positive to get your mind focused on good thoughts. Or you could do a more involved ritual, like exercising or meditation.

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Sometimes, what I need to get my focus back on track is simply to get your blood flowing and release some of the pent-up energy in my body.

When I found myself feeling irritable and un-focused, I tried turning up my favorite music and moving around to the beat — Oh Yeah ! It worked !

I discovered this recently so, if you’ve got a solo dance party planned, or want to dance with a friend, even better! Make it a social event and invite the people around you to join in.

While dancing might sound like a silly way to improve your focus, it’s actually a really effective strategy. When you’re moving your body, you release endorphins, which can help to improve your mood and mental clarity.

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Rarely, even dancing around to my favorite music isn’t enough to snap me out of the cranky mood.

I tried going for a walk outside.

A walk outside in nature is not only a great way to get my blood flowing and release some trapped energy, it has helped me to refresh and re-connect with the world around.

Guided by my curious mind, I usually keep an eye out for anything I might find interesting, like an unusual plant, insect, or even a sight.

This has been so key for me in staying present and engaging in the moment, instead of dwelling on my thoughts.

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It happened to me to find myself feeling irritable and unfocused even after I’ve tried all the strategies above.

Why not try something a little different?

When you’re reading, you’re engaging your mind in a totally different way than you would by dancing, going for a walk, or listening to music.

This has helped me to get my mind focused as well as my mood back to where it needs to be.

Important! when I am searching for reading material, I make sure to choose something that inspires me.

That is when I accepted that while reading something that’s educational is great, it won’t help me get my mood back under control if it’s too dry and boring to hold my attention.

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Meditation has been the most effective way to calm my body and mind and allow the negative energy to escape so that I can get back to a place of mental clarity.

When I meditate, I’m trying to clear my mind of all thoughts and feelings. This might sound impossible, but it’s actually a very achievable goal.

As I sit in silence, without any distractions, my mind will start to wander. When this happens, I simply bring my attention back to my breath. When I’m done, I usually feel calmer and more focused than when I started.

Most of the time when I feel irritable, it might be the time to ask:

Am I being kind to myself?

When being hard on myself, I’m only making my focus problems worse. Sadly, I am only accumulating more negative energy that needs to be released.

So, when feeling irritable, the first thing to do is to stop criticizing myself. Instead, I work on being as kind to myself as I would be to a friend who was going through a hard time.

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Whether you’re suffering from irritability or simply need to improve your focus, you can use these strategies to bring yourself back to a calmer, more positive place.

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