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Today was December 1, 2021. It was also the day where Hodlnaut launched its latest eye-catching, mouth-watering feature: 1 free withdrawal per month. This was just one of the ways in which Hodlnaut displayed empathy towards its users because many of us had reflected how the withdrawal fee posed a source of friction between us and financial fulfillment.

Suffice it to say that I immediately went to try out this feature and even blogged about it on Seedly, Singapore’s premier personal finance site. You may be inclined to read about my experience with the free monthly withdrawal feature here. Yes, talk about my desire to harness the power of first mover advantage.

Oh, how come I had the will to make a withdrawal when I should be HODL-ing my precious digital assets all the way to the moon, I hear you ask. Well, I received 50 USDC bonus due to Hodlnaut’s Season of Giving Campaign. The thing was, Hodlnaut offered so many bonus and reward campaigns that I lost track and just kept sharing my affiliate link whenever possible. So this 50 USDC felt like a pleasant gust of wind that rejuvenated my spirits on a scorching day. Why not utilise this $50 to try out the free monthly withdrawal feature?

Indeed, 2021 marked a year in which I generated a reliable and consistent passive income source with Hodlnaut — without forking out a single cent of my own. It all started in end June when the social media manager of Hodlnaut wrote a very nice email to me about my personal finance blog and asked if I would be keen to join its referral programme. That was the only push I needed. I had accumulated 16 BAT tokens through the Brave Browser for several months, so I yanked off my inertia, put on my power action suit and converted BAT to ETH and set up a Hodlnaut account with that tiny, yet life-affirming sum of ETH.

In fact, I even blogged about how I activated my Hodlnaut account on Seedly.

So I embarked on my happy passive income journey with Hodlnaut with BAT-turned-ETH. I would have been contented enough with the substantial interest rates Hodlnaut was offering its users (7.46% APY on BTC, WBTC &ETH, 8.32% APY on DAI, 12.73% APY on USDT & USDC as of December 2021). This interest was accrued daily and awarded weekly, so this ensured that my tiny ETH would slowly but surely snowball into an oasis of crypto well-being. But little did I anticipate that a magnificent thing would occur.

The article in which I shared my experience about how I used my BAT tokens to set up an account gained traction and went viral, eventually garnering more than a thousand reads. Because of that, 6people became my active referrals in June and July, thus qualifying me for 10% of their weekly interest as commission income. Forever.

In a world where change is the only constant and some marriages don’t even last a year, you can see how a perpetual source of commission income will help me sleep more soundly at night.

Since then, I have been fortunate enough to clinch 1–2 active referrals every month. To date, I have secured 12 active referrals and my weekly commission income comprises 5 out of the 6 cryptocurrencies Hodlnaut is supporting: BTC, ETH, DAI, USDC and USDT. For those of you who have deeper pockets of mine and will set up an account with your own funds, you will benefit from the fact that Hodlnaut’s referral programme enables you to get hold of cryptocurrencies from your active referrals, cryptocurrencies that you won’t necessarily buy on your own.

So what do I do with my portfolio of 5 cryptocurrencies? Thanks to Hodlnaut’s free token swap feature, I usually convert the DAI and USDT to USDC. This is because I am the kind of user who likes to take profits along the way. So I will typically let my USDC grow for a bit and then cash it out to settle real-world bills. In fact, sometimes when I wish to go all in on USDC, I will even employ the interest payout preference feature and choose to collect my interest on my existing BTC and ETH funds in the form of USDC.

Yes, you read that right. My BTC and ETH remain untouched but I am empowered to collect interest for subsequent weeks in the form of USDC, thus helping me attain short-term financial goals earlier.

To end this off, here’s the moment you might have been waiting for. How much have I actually earned from my 12 active referrals in the six months I have been with Hodlnaut? I am not one to shun away from discussing actual figures because Hodnaut has been incredibly good to me, utilising a plethora of features (token swap, interest payout preference, free monthly withdrawal, reward campaign) to help me stack and compound my crypto blessings. I wish the same for you, my reader and I believe that my transparent sharing will be the impetus for you to kickstart your happy passive income journey with Hodlnaut.

Drum rolls, please! It’s SGD$1315.01. Not too shabby, considering that this grew from a pool of 16 BAT tokens, eh?

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