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More Strategies: Analytics, Press Releases, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing and More | by Eric Ramirez | Dec, 2021


Eric Ramirez

There are numerous additional facets to internet marketing, and we have just scratched the surface. That said, you should now be familiar with all of the fundamentals and have a better grasp than the majority of people on what is likely to work vs. what is ultimately spam.

Before we proceed, there are a few other principles you should educate yourself with…

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Marketing via email

If someone visits your site for the first time and you attempt to sell them an ebook or a service, you should anticipate that this will more than likely drive them away. Consider it akin to requesting someone’s phone number before they’ve had a chance to get to know you!

It is much more effective to spend time creating that trust and familiarity, but you must ensure that they return. This is where a mailing list comes in: it allows you to contact your visitors directly, and, more importantly, it indicates their permission to message you.

Your job is to ensure that your members continue to read your email list rather than ignore it. To do so, you must ensure that you are delivering value! Emails can be lessons, special updates, or complete articles; just make sure they add value!

To begin collecting and sending emails, you’ll need a program called an ‘autoresponder.’ This enables you to develop forms and handle new subscribers. These users wish to unsubscribe from your list forth.

Aweber (, GetResponse (, and MailChimp are all excellent examples of autoresponder services ( Do not overlook this component of your marketing — many professionals believe it is the most successful instrument you have!

Press Releases

Press releases are brief documents distributed to influential blogs and websites. The goal is to make your website or product sound newsworthy for them to consider writing about it. Unfortunately, many marketers make the mistake of believing that they can just promote their product and that a news outlet will be pleased to write about it, therefore providing them with free publicity.

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That is not the case. Magazines and websites, like you, are primarily concerned with giving value to their users. As a result, they will tell your story only if it is genuinely intriguing or exciting. Therefore, ask yourself how you can make your brand something worth reading about. A publicity stunt is one such solution.

Another option is to create something truly unique…

Marketing Through Influencers

Rather than going for prominent blogs, Why not approach lesser influencers? Individual bloggers, YouTubers, and social media stars with thousands or even millions of followers are considered influencers. Suppose you can convince them to give you a shout-out (you can do this by sponsoring them, giving them something for free, or exchanging). In that case, you will have instant access to a massive audience and may even revolutionize your business overnight!


Finally, whatever tactics you employ in your internet marketing campaign, you must frequently monitor your stats and analytics to verify that you are making progress. For example, consider how many visitors you receive every day, which activities bring you the most customers, and how you can utilize this data to fine-tune and optimize your campaign over time.

There are various programs available to accomplish this, but Google Analytics is the most popular and capable by far. So, if you’re serious about internet marketing, you and I need to meet!

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